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23 marzo 2012

Riaprire Norimberga

Questi sono solo due casi di persone ammazzate col solito sistema dell’incidente stradale/attacco cardiaco/suicidio/tumore/ictus con cui i cospiratori tentano disperatamente di difendere il loro indifendibile inganno.
Bill Kaysing ci offre in questa breve testimonianza audio due drammatici esempi.

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Difficile fare una analisi quantitativa sulla gente soppressa per difendere l’orribile segreto considerando che molti casi sono naturalmente sconosciuti perchè di persone eliminate prima che si venisse a sapere del loro coinvolgimento nella cospirazione lunare.
Probabilmente in futuro bisognerà istituire un nuovo tribunale di Norimberga per processare questi criminali. Dell’incredibile morte di Jim Irwin mi sono già occupato in un articolo pubblicato su UFO Magazine.

 Bill Kaysing — Paul Jacobs interviewed the US head of geology. And he asked the geologist, “Did you examine the moon rocks, did they really come from the moon?” The geologist just laughed.
A few months before his untimely death in 1978, the well known American investigative journalist Paul Jacobs, interviewed the Head of the US Geological Survey Department in Washington DC. Jacobs asked him for his views on the Moon landings in general and the lunar rock samples in particular. When he reported his interview to Kaysing, Jacobs said that he received some very cryptic answers. The geologist had assured him that the rocks were real. But when Paul Jacobs said: ‘If they weren’t real and you were in on the hoax, you would still attest to their reality, wouldn’t you?’ — the geologist just smiled.
Bill Kaysing: Well, there’s a sad ending to this story. Paul flew back from Washington. I met with him again in San Francisco and he told me what he had determined, that the Apollo project was a hoax and that people at high levels were keeping it a secret. Unfortunately Paul and his wife died of cancer within 90 days.
Bill Kaysing –  Lee Galvani. He’s been in touch with me for many, many years, and he says that he had almost convinced James Irwin to confess and clear his conscience of this terrible burden. And curiously, and appropriately, James Irwin called me at my home here in Soquel, and wanted me to call him back, but he was dead of a heart attack in three days.