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by Ralph Rene’

One of the best books on Apollo conspiracy theory.
Reprinted edition pages 194.
In the book Renè explains why Moon landing was impossible due to radiations of VARB (Vam Allen radiation belts). Best essay on radiations in space, ever.

Some of his main arguments were:

  • Astronauts could not have survived the radiation that they would have been exposed to while passing through the Van Allen radiation belt.
  • That photos taken on the Moon do not show stars in the background.
  • That video shows wind blowing the U.S. flag on the Moon although the Moon has no atmosphere.
  • That the letter “C” is visible on a rock in a photo which indicates it was a Hollywood sound stage prop.
  • The gloves on the Apollo space suits would have expanded in the vacuum of space to the point where they would be immobile.
  • Who put the camera on the ground in front of the lunar lander to show Neil Armstrong stepping down the ladder for the first step on the Moon?
  • The shaded side of objects are not dark due to three point lighting in a studio.

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