Two ways to know the Earth is Round or Flat

by Albino Galuppini

In my article published in the Italian magazine Archeo Misteri Magazine, December 2015 issue, I suggested a third, final step to take in order to find the truth:

  1. Two people start together moving from the Equator heading southward.
  2.  They are, let’s say, 100 km apart. They go straight South following their compass.
  3. They have also the possibility to measure accurately the distance between each other.
  4.  Well, if span between the two increases, as they travel straight southward, it means that the Earth is not a globe.
  5. In fact, every traveler heading to the South (or to the North) should eventually meet at the geographic pole, assuming we live on a sphere.

Here are 2 easy steps to determine, without reasonable doubt, if the Earth is a round planet or a flat disc.

Horizontal test:

  1. Prepare a huge beacon blinking at a specific rate, not to be confused with other light sources.
  2. Positioning it on a beach at around 3 meters (10 feet) height.
  3. Choose a location at sea where is statistically proven an exceptional transparency of low atmosphere.
  4. Choose a distant land, island or off-shore boat to verify whether the blinking light can be seen in the dark from sea level.
  5. Distance should be around 30 km (20 miles) or further.

If a 3 meters high light can be spotted 30 km away, it means there is definitely something wrong with earth curvature.

Vertical test:

  1. Purchase o rent a balloon capable of reaching an altitude of, at least, 30 km (20 miles) with altimeter.
  2. Arm it with 3 video cameras. One with regular lens, another with fish-eye lens, both directed horizontally. The third looking toward the ground.
  3. Once payload is retrieved, make comparison between different shot footage.

If the horizon remains at eye level, there is something wrong with the roundness of Earth.
This test aims also to verify whether the so-called “satellite images” can be faked by high-altitude planes or balloons including Earth curvature, weather forecast and photo-maps imagery.
This is my contribution to Flat Earth panel.


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