Distant view of 533 km thanks to infrared photography

The “Frankfurter Illustrierte Zeitung”, which I also gather from this, writes in No. 30/1932.:
“This Fliegeraufnahme shows a landscape more than 500 kilometers with all clarity, while the plane was a few kilometers from each visible even with the help of binoculars.”

“The Mount Chasta (under white arrow at the top of the screen) is 331.2 miles distant from the apparatus.”
331.2 English miles are 532.9 kilometers.
That’s more than the distance from Berlin to Munich. Here, the entire intervening terrain can be seen.
The plane was high 23,000 feet. That’s almost exactly 7000 meters.

We can now view, which one is likely to have the highest at this level on the basis of the assumption of perfectly straight light beam and a convex surface, accurately.
She is 296 kilometers. (This calculation I am indebted to Dr. Koch teacher, Cannstatt. The Earth’s radius was assumed here with 6366 km, the result of the latest measurement (1932)).
Then supposedly leaves the straight line, the “convex surface” and loses itself in the “infinity of outer space”.

… The height of the mountain Mount Chasta may of course not be taken into account in our calculations. Because we see but clearly his feet and the horizon line extends much farther in the background.
The actual view is thus even greater greater than 532.9 kilometers.

I emphasize this because I foresee the relevant excuse. It was, incidentally, made ​​the objection that it could be an optical illusion by light refraction here. That’s impossible.
One sees but the whole land until the foot of the mountain.
In an “uplift” the “under” the horizon lying ground (mirage) were the visible horizon and above the “upscale” landscape.

It is impossible that a landscape of 237 kilometers in length would lifted by a mirage on the horizon, and in a way that the horizon is no longer noticeable.
Again, I can only refer to the experiment. One photograph to a variety of times the same landscape. Always remains the length of the route is the same, is no “light refraction” in the game.

In the book “humanity needs a new worldview” Booklist, is on page 69:
After that we saw with the naked eye with dry air in winter:

  • from a 15-meter-high ice at the North Pole, a dog team with other members of the expedition at a distance of 400 kilometers (Prof. Hobbs)
  • from Strasbourg Cathedral (approximately 130 meters) Golden Horn in Constantinople Opel, distance 1980 km.
  • from a volcano in Kamchatka to Ankara in Turkey. The volcano is about 3,000 meters high; Visibility was here about 8,000 kilometers

These vistas are after Copernican theory preposterous and impossible. Questionable is the full spherical earth continues through the latest British invention of the “underwater eye”, of which he was informed in a Reuter message from 04.14.1960:
“According to British newspaper reports are to British scientists are working on the completion of an underwater eye, which submerged submarines can track up to 1,600 km Distance and had nothing to do with radar.

The United States will co-finance the new system and due to the invention have changed program their own submarine. The new weapon would mean a complete revolution of the recent submarine strategy, as well as nuclear submarines would have certainly seen the departure from their bases at up to a distance of 1600 km away.