The human space travel hoaxes 1959-2015

Most people believe American propaganda that human beings can be sent up into empty space … and later return alive at 11 000 m/s speed at location B in the upper atmosphere and quickly brake and 10 minutes later hang in some parachutes in front of the POTUS. This staged event and other funny ones are explained here. No humans have ever been in space!


1. This website explains why human space travel to the Moon, around Earth or anywhere in outer space is not possible, even if rockets actually work in vacuum. There is no way to return on Earth and do a re-entry. You are flying too fast and cannot find the location where to re-enter and land 10 minutes later.
2. The Yuri Gagarin around the Earth 1961 space orbit trip and the US/NASA foolish Moon trips 1969-1972 were simple propaganda lies. The latter tricks were created in Hollywood studios to entertain us with useless US navy/air force pilots as actors, etc. All NASA Mercury and Gemini trips around the Earth a little earlier were similar.
3. Reason is simple; it is not possible to get away from planet Earth, land on and take off from the Moon and later make a re-entry and land on Earth again using a thin plate capsule – you are too heavy to start with and going too fast later and you will simply burn up as you cannot brake or reduce speed in the strong gravity field pulling you down. Same applies to any Shuttle or Soyuz or Dragon capsule, if you visit the International Fake/Space Station.
4. All heat shields protecting space crafts (capsules, shuttles, etc) and InterContinental Ballistic Missiles, ICBMs, at re-entries are useless.


5. Therefore only >500 cosmo clowns have flown to the Moon or around Earth in space or visited the International Fake Station, IFS, orbiting Earth every 90 minutes. Astronots dying on their way to the IFS are still alive on Earth.
6. Imagine if the US public finally learns it? ……………………………….. That it has been fooled for more than 50 years by NASA & Co … and the European Space Agency … and the media.
7. This Elon Musk clown, owner of the SpaceX company feeding the IFS 2015 (and making a few expensive electric cars that catch fire) is just another US government approved fraud of US taxpayers’ money in the long line privately taking over after NASA supported by many poor physicists and rocket engineers that cannot find real jobs.
8.The Virgin Galactic one hour in space is also joke. Itcannot ever return. Or this Rosetta hoax incl. gravity assist kicks keeping some German/Swiss pseudo astrophysicists busy September/November 1993-2014. They found water at a comet in space 2014! The 5 December 2014 NASA Orion spacecraft is also not real. Like the Messenger and Stardust spaceships. Or the strawberries on the Moon. All is fantasy fakery!

Warning for pseudoscienceHave you heard about Trofim Lyssenko? You should. He was the inventor of pseudoscience around 1930! Stalin loved him. Pseudoscience is used to present a lie as truth in a scientific manner. It is however just silly propaganda!

No Gagarin ever flew in space. It was just communist propaganda 1961.

No Moon landings ever took place 1969 and later because humans cannot travel in vacuum space. It was just a clever and funny US/Hollywood show put together by Dr. Buzz Lyssenko. A nephew of Trofim! Neil Armstrong willingly played the role as first man on the Moon until he died. A pure product of Lyssenko.

That human beings return to Earth by a fast re-entry starting at a location B in Earth upper atmosphere after a visit to the Moon or to the International Fake Station, IFS, is not possible either. There is no way to find the location and to reduce speed of the return vehicle, so the IFS is just another stupid hoax to confuse. The re-entry heat shield was invented by Buzz Lyssenko.

All launches of >500 humans into space and their re-entries from space in various capsules and Shuttles 1961-2015 are fake! None ever took place! It was and is just a silly show to entertain us.

This article about human and other space travel jokes and hoaxes is split up into 5 parts and many chapters for easy references and will take some time to study. Hope you will enjoy it. Most of it is quite funny. Imagine how events can be staged in space! Or actually on Earth. No human has ever been in space.

Part 0 (this one with 30 sub-sections) is about various old and new space staged events with impossible re-entries and gravity kicks – all inventions that evidently never took place.

Part 1 (17 sub-sections) is about the Apollo 11 hoax – it took place in Hollywood, Nevada and the Pacific.

Parts 2-5 (20 sub-sections) are about the space Shuttle and the International Fake (Space) Station, a recent trip to Mars, re-entries, etc. All silly hoaxes.