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16 febbraio 2016

Mistero in Marocco: le nubi cadono dal cielo

Uno strano fenomeno avvenuto in Marocco nella regione Doukkala dove delle presunte nubi sono precipitate al suolo, dal video non e’ chiaro capire se si tratta effettivamente di nubi o di un prodotto artificiale della geoingegneria che probabilmente ha preso piede anche nel paese. ( )

16 febbraio 2016

NASA’S Greatest Space Hoaxes 1956 – 2015

NASA lies hoax

Welcome! This article of mine about human and other, not so funny, space travel jokes and hoaxes, incl. the US Nationax Aeronautix and Spax Administratiox, NASA, billion dollars ones, is split up into 6 parts and many chapters for easy references and will take some time to study. Hope you will enjoy it. Most of it is quite hilarious – noise to prevent you to think clearly. Imagine how easy events can be staged in space! Or actually on Earth. By Hollywood.
Example: Elon Musk/Space X sends (December 2015) up an empty rocket in space, where it disappears behind the clouds (as seen on TV), and then Elon Musk/Space X can invent anything about it, e.g. it delivered some satellites in space, while the first stage of the rocket returned and landed again … as seen on TV. Hollywood will produce the footage of it. Elon Musk‘sSpaceX has already (November 2015) won a $2.6bn contract with NASA to send humans and supplies more than 40 times to the fake International Space Station, IFS, so the latter show was just to confirm the earlier on. More about the SpaceX hoaxes below.
The NASA web masters keep 100’s of propagandists busy to keep the NASA web site glittering. Media will then spread the NASA messages, e.g. that humans are up in space. If you query it asking for details or evidence, NASA will never reply or … just refer to the glittery web site, indicating all there is real. But … no human beings have ever been in space incl. ISS. You cannot come back alive! Re-entry is not possible. (