Was Gregory Jarvis the only victim of Challenger disaster?

Greg Jarvis
We know that all the crew members of the ill-fated expedition of 28 January 1986 have been found alive and well. All keep their names. Minus one: Gregory Bruce Jarvis. He was an engineer and mission specialist for STS-51L which exploded 73 seconds after liftoff from Cape Canaveral.
You can assume that he has not been subsequently identified having changed his name.
It is also possible that Jarvis is truly died in the explosion as he was really on board as a space shuttle pilot who, instead of reach the orbit, would have landed at a secret base in the desert. Probably Area 51 in Nevada or other facilities located in uninhabited areas. Jarvis was, indeed, a talented military pilot and on behalf of Hughes Aircraft was embarked on the Shuttle Challenger.
https://i1.wp.com/www.space-shuttle.com/tal_abort_2-small.gifIt is reported the testimony of an officer in charge of drawing up the user manual of the first space shuttle Enterprise named, that the space shuttle had a spartan cockpit with only one seat. Nothing else. It may be objected that the Enterprise was designed for testing and never intended to fly in space. However, it can be assumed that all the shuttles had on board the only pilot in charge of taking off vertically in front of media before landing in secret like a regular airplane. Some say that shuttle went destroyed each time sinking into the ocean. More feasible, in my opinion, it was reused being huge the cost of producing an adequate copy of the orbiter for every launch.
The Jarvis body was the last of the seven to be recovered, three months after the disaster. Maybe because it was the only one to be truly disappeared. In the beginning, NASA stated that all the bodies were together (being restrained by the seat belt) in the cabin … but during recovery operations, Jarvis body was lost again on the seabed.
Then Greg was found and his remains brought to surface on April 25, 1986.
Curious that his father required from NASA that his son’s body was recovered, unlike the relatives of other crew members.
What makes you suspect?

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