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8 novembre 2017

Giant trees there lived before the Flood

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING!!! This will totally change your thinking about our earth and how you see it. We have seen mesas, buttes, and jagged rock mountains, but we have never truly SEEN them for what they are! Even if you are a Flat Earther, this is going to blow your mind! The pictures speak for themselves, but I highly recommend watching the video link below. It is fantastic and explains why these large rock structures are not lava formations, but are something much different than we’ve been told. 

Here is the video that recently came out and is rocking the Flat Earth community.

There are No Forests on Flat Earth Wake up

 Many assumptions have been made about how trees could have been this large and where they went. This is a view of these giant tree stumps from a Biblical perspective. 
The evidence pointing to these large buttes and mountains being giant petrified tree stumps is astounding. Not only do they look just like tree stumps, but they exhibit characteristics only found in biological organisms and trees. It’s possible these ancient trees were made from silicone and were nearly as hard as stone. 

 These giant trees point to the validity of the Bible and a VERY different world before the Biblical flood occurred. We know so little about the antediluvian world before the flood, but there is much evidence that it had a much different atmosphere and vastly different landscape then what we see today.  It is also interesting to note that giant human skeletons have also been found around the world, pointing to a time in earth’s history when everything was much larger! God created the people at a much higher stature than we are today. We’ve shrunk because of drastic environmental changes due to the worldwide flood. Not only were the people naturally tall, they were highly advanced in technology and intellect. (Note on the Nephilim: The people were naturally much taller than us when God made them, so when the Bible talks about Giants, it’s referring to people, or Nephilim, who were even taller than the regular humans alive at that time.)

An enclosed hyperbaric atmosphere before the flood that was enhanced with carbon dioxide and oxygen would have provided for trees, plants, animals and people to grow VERY large, much larger than anything we see today. Hyperbaric chambers with increased oxygen and CO2 have been successful in growing huge vegetable plants today.

Atmospheric Experiments-Genesis Park

Hyperbaric Biosphere

The enormous trees were also what helped to create this oxygen rich atmosphere inside the closed flat earth dome. God created a very lush, beautiful world with a variety of large plant life. But these trees didn’t GROW to this height. When God created the world, everything, people, plants, trees, animals, and the earth itself, was created with the appearance of age. God created Adam and Eve in their mature, adult state. These large trees were created in their fully mature state on the day they were created. This destroys the theory that the earth is millions of years old. Our earth is only about 6,000 years old. 

Genesis 1:11-13 says, “Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the third day.”

Very large trees are also described in the Bible in Ezekiel 31 and in Daniel 4.

The flood that God sent to destroy the earth and it’s wickedness was so destructive that it leveled trees and completely changed the earth’s terrain and atmosphere. This is why there are so many deserts and barren places. Evidence for a worldwide flood are everywhere:

Geological Evidences for the Genesis Flood

There are several different kinds of giant petrified tree stumps that you will see. One is the flat-topped Mesa, butte, or plateau that was a tree that was clearly chopped down. 

Another type of petrified tree stump is jagged and splintered apart, the result of either the tree falling or being knocked over violently by a strong force, such as a flood. 

The other type is a tall stump that is rounded or uneven on top which is the result of flood waters tearing off the top of the tree. 

After the flood the atmosphere and terrain was very different giving way to much smaller tree growth and barren lands and numerous deserts. Scientists have explained plateaus away to some volcanic miracle. But if you look close at the evidence you will see that these are indeed very large tree stumps. They are everywhere!

The video also discusses massive mining areas and huge quarries that we now call canyons and deserts. Ancient mining and quarries before the flood could have been because of their extreme greed and wickedness. They could have been mining for minerals and jewels to build their giant mansions. And after the flood they may have mined extensively for large stones and gold to build the pyramids and Empires such as Egypt and Babylon. 

But I believe the flood is responsible for much of the desolation and deserts we see today. 

Why is this important for Flat Earthers? We believe we have been lied to about the shape of the earth  because they are hiding God and the true creation. Now we realize they have been lying about Geology too! They are hiding evidence of creation and the flood. Our flat earth used to be a lush terrarium, a giant greenhouse, but was destroyed by a flood! The Bible again has proven to be true! We are truth seekers and we want to understand our earth because it points us to reality and the truth about who we are and where we come from. 
The Bible’s Truth and Accuracy vs. Satan’s “Global” Deceptions – Flat Earth Science and the Bible

8 novembre 2017

Il doppiogiochista di Arcore vittima del suo gioco

La Corte di Strasburgo gela Berlusconi: non sarà candidabile alle elezioni
Lo fanno fuori così. Per burocrazia o chissà cos’altro. Silvio Berlusconi non sarà candidabile sia che si vada a votare per le politiche in autunno, sia che ci si vada a naturale scadenza della legislatura a primavera 2018. La “gelata” è arrivata dalla stessa Corte di Strasburgo, presso la quale da anni il leader di Forza Italia ha presentato ricorso perchè la legge Severino sia cancellata e con essa la sua incandidabilità in quanto condannato per la vicenda Mediaset. ( )

Infatti, ora Renzi e Casaleggio (Gentiloni e Grillo sono solo prestanome, Di Maio è un simulacro) dovranno sdoganarlo e riabilitarlo in fretta e furia per rimetterlo a capo del centrodestra. Il piduista Berlusconi deve assolutamente arginare la marea montante anti-euro, anti-piano Kalergi, anti-islamizzazione dell’Italia rappresentata dal terzetto Salvini-Meloni-CasaPuound. Poiché, un altro presidente del consiglio di centrodestra (Toti o Zaia, nomi che mi vengono in mente) potrebbe davvero decidere di fermare l’immigrazione clandestina e uscire dall’euro.
Berlusconi, fin dall’inizio, “scese in campo” esclusivamente per fermare Bossi e la Secessione. Dopodichè ha sempre favorito i poteri occulti e l’europeismo facendo perdere il centrodestra con fesserie tipo “il ritorno al nucleare” e “il ponte sullo stretto di Messina”, due propositi irrealizzabili tecnicamente, antieconomici e invisi alla popolazione.
Per me, assisteremo nei prossimi mesi a un voltafaccia da parte di Repubblica, Fatto Quotidiano, Manifesto ecc. che inneggeranno al ritorno in politica di Silvio. Quanto ci scommettete?

La Corte di Strasburgo gela Berlusconi: non sarà candidabile alle elezioni