Oval-shaped path of the Sun over a flat Earth

by Albino Galuppini

Calogero Greco

Flat earth researcher Calogero Greco has developed an innovative model. In this Earth model, the Sun draws in an oval-shaped orbit over the face of Earth.
Mr. Greco noticed that, during Austral summer solstice, the sunrise point in South Africa is different than Australia and New Zealand. In fact, in Africa the Sun raises from North East while, in Oceania, it comes from South East. Being on the same latitude, it is quite odd. Therefore, solar path must not be circular but rather elliptical.



So Calogero established a model to settle the issue. The oval shaped solar motion suggests that a portion of Antarctica may be warmer than currently believed. So, it may be confirmed Admiral Byrd allegations regarding a warmer unknown land existing beyond the South Pole he had discovered during his antarctic expeditions. Even James Cook said he had seen lands free of ice beyond the Ross sea. In this territories may have survived animal and vegetal forms gone extinct elsewhere.

Calogero Greco also discovered the mentioned explorer captain James Cook, during his Southern explorations, followed the sun having it on his vertical during the month of November.


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