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17 gennaio 2019

O Sole mio: a Napoli era giallo

24 febbraio 1985. Il primo gol del Napoli fu segnato al 58°. La partita era iniziata alle 14:30, pertanto, il sole era ancora alto essendo le 15:43 circa.

Servizio RAI per la Domenica Sportiva della partita di calcio Napoli – Lazio per la stagione 1984-85. Fu una delle più belle partite di Diego Maradona con due dei suoi gol più famosi. A un certo punto, il Sole entra nell’inquadratura menzionato pure dal giornalista Italo Kuhne. Esso è visibilmente giallo mentre oggi è bianco. Perchè nessuno parla di questo cambiamento di colore?

17 gennaio 2019

Cheap Fake Space – made in China! ✞

Why spend your hard earned money on expensive brands like PUMA, if you can get the chinese knock-off NUMA, TUNA, PIMP or PIGG much cheaper? Also, why spend a fortune on faking space with NASA, ESA or Roscosmos, when CNSA – the Chinese National Space Administration – can do it for just a fraction of these budgets? Just take a look a China’s “Space Walk” 2008: They filmed it in a pool, just like the BIG space agencies, with the same telltale signs; bubbles in “space”, Astro-Nots (Taiko-Nots in this case) and objects like their chinese flag and the security cable figthing against the water current. The globe projection in the background glitches and the whole earth changes from partly cloudy to completely clouded in a few seconds. For a few extra bucks, the chinese space-actors even throw up a salute to the devil showing the horned one hand-sign, jut like their overpaid counterparts. Or here, China’s space station Tiangong-1 in 2013, the same green screen glitch we have seen from NASA and ESA so often, people don’t just appear out of thin air, yet this Taikonot does exactly that. First you can see right through him, then he gets more and more solid as he enters the module. And why go to NASA for alleged landings on Mars etc, when China’s CGI nerds can do it just as good? Granted, the chinese moon-cartoon-landing 2019 looked like it was programmed on a Playstation, but the brainwashed masses don’t notice stuff like that anyway, so why bother making it any better? Critical thinking is as good as dead in our societies, and as long as the main stream propaganda machine claims it’s real, most of us will buy it hook, line and sinker. In case you didn’t note the sarcasm in my words, I am really sorry for you, and I hope and I pray that you will wake up from your deep slumber before it’s too late. If you are one of the many guys calling me a mentally retarded lackwit idiot who should quickly kill hilmself, I am sorry for disappointing you, but I will do nothing like that, I will go down fighting for the truth and not like most of you giving up and defending a giant heap of satanic LIES. NASA and ALL other space agencies LIE, Space is FAKE, Biblical Earth is FLAT, God Almighty is REAL, and Jesus Christ is our beloved Lord and Saviour.