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23 marzo 2020

Iconic Anime Akira Predicted 2020 Olympic Game Turmoils

Akira Otomo 2020 Olympic gamesIn what turned out to be a worldwide famous coincidence, cult cyberpunk anime Akira predicted that (Neo) Tokyo would host the 2020 Olympic games. In a spooky parallel with the real world, in Akira’s post-apocalyptic world too, people are calling for the cancellation of the games.
Set in 2019, 31 years after World War III, Katsuhiro Otomo’s monument of science-fiction, Akira tells about a rather dark world struggling to get back to normal while a mysterious force is strengthening to plunge Neo Tokyo into yet another doom.
Akira is a phenomenal work of animation which has inspired countless movies and shows, including The Matrix trilogy no less. The combination of thrilling artwork and a highly complicated plot combining teenage gangs, psychic kids, and top-secret government experiments has not aged a bit.
But what certainly struck people the most is how Akira somehow foresaw the future on so many levels.

Akira (full movie)

23 marzo 2020

Is Inner Space As Fake As Outer Space?

As flat earthers, we know that “outer space” is fake. All you have to do is a search on Google to see the thousands of CGI images.

Do a search on Google for: pictures of viruses, images of viruses What do you come up with? All I see is CGI and artistic pictures. Is there a connection? I think so.

The reason I say “viruses” is that these are supposedly the smallest images. We have electron microscopes, so why can’t we see pictures of them? Well, the fact is, that viewing in an electron microscope it’s only grey images of what looks like bumps. So, how do they know how the inside of a virus is?

Click Here for video.

By looking at videos, they are all computer generated. It looks like Hollywood special effects; like a Star Trek ship flying through space. How can the scientists make this claim when nothing is found? Never, never has a virus been isolated; never has a virus been photographed.

There are cells and bacteria but that is on a larger scale and that is something different altogether. You can see them with a good dark field microscope, which isn’t nearly as strong an an electron microscope. Are we being lied to? Think of the constant news we are being fed by the media of viruses throughout the years. There was the SARS, West Nile, Bird Flu, all the way back to the Polio, which we were told was caused by viruses. Compare this to the NASA photos we are shown about stars and planets. You can’t see a TV news station without seeing the spinning Earth in the background. We are constantly being bombarded with these images. Now, it’s with CV.

Each year, we have the “flu season” where we are told about the virus; get your flu shots. A virus had to be created to support the idea of vaccination; vaccines are suppose to fight viruses. The pharmaceutical industry is built, on part, by selling vaccines.

Look at the second video here. Though everyone knows that these are animations, but they are to represent that which is true. Well, how do scientists know that they are true unless they observed them? They can’t photograph them because they don’t exist! We are shown “photos” of surfaces of planets but this is all created as there are such thing but points of light.

Have you ever look through a telescope at, Jupiter, for example, and compare that to what we are told it looks like? They don’t match! What you see in books and the internet are artist renditions. Why is it with the pictures we are shown, never, ever, look like what we see through the strongest telescope? The reason is, that all these “planets” are nothing but wandering stars – points of light. This same con is being done to us with viruses, too! ( )

23 marzo 2020

Il pensiero unico

Il virus sta mettendo in luce le contraddizioni del pensiero unico. Il sistema capitalistico basato sulla società multirazziale spersonalizzata, sul consumismo sfrenato, sta esalando gli ultimi respiri, è i caso di dirlo. Adesso la gente si rende conto che destra e sinistra sono i rovesci della medesima medaglia, i giornali sono asserviti al potere (se non altro per il fatto che ricevono soldi pubblici).
Logico poi che loro non stanno bloccando i trasporti pubblici e le frontiere per garantire la circolazione del virus.
La massoneria tenterà ora il colpo di grazia alla democrazia e alla religione cristiana, il loro unico pensiero, mica il virus. Bergoglio e Mattarella muti, parlamento chiuso. Anziché invitare la gente alla preghiera, incitano a cantare! La domenica chiese chiuse ma farmacie e supermercati aperti, non siamo felici?!
Di certo, se il virus è artificiale, “loro” hanno un farmaco che lo cura riservato a pochi eletti:

Vedrete che adesso cominceranno a requisire alberghi e case sfitte per metterci gli immigrati e trattenerli a ogni costo. Cosa che io pronosticavo già nel 2011 quando i poteri forti attivarono il massone G. Fini per fermare la Lega nell’ultimo governo Berlusconi. Avendo “bruciato” l’agente Fini, lo fecero poi sparire dal quadro politico.