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13 settembre 2019

The Sun is not 93 millions miles away

The Sun never sets or rises, it stays the same distance over the Flat Earth throughout it’s daily/annual journeys around.
The appearance of rising and setting is all based on the law of perspective on plane surfaces.
Modern Mechanics describes how on a Flat Earth the Sun can be computed to 3,000 miles via triangulation

27 agosto 2019

16 Emergency Landings proving Flat Earth (Book intro)

By Eddie Alencar

This book shows with more than 16 examples, using actual flight data, easily understandable charts, maps, and pictures, comparing globe versus flat route projections, the absurdity of assuming airplanes are flying over a rotating spherical Earth.
Preface by Albino Galuppini.

8 agosto 2019

Apollo 11 Moon Landing – the size of the movie set

– 50 Years of NASASCAM – Numerous Anomalies and Scams Abound-

28 luglio 2019

High Altitude Balloon 24 (I see Stars!!!)

This was the second flight with the new camera Sony A7s II. Also on board was a Go Pro Hero 4 Black. The hero 4 was used to gauge the performance of the Sony. The Sony camera setting were as follows:
F stop (auto most of the flight was F1.8), Focus (manual too infinity), ISO 102400, Lens Sony FE 50mm F1.8
The GoPro Hero 4 Black had a fix focus 5.4mm lens F stop F2.8 ISO was 6400.
The flight was launched from a field South of Dos Palos, Ca. on 24 July 2019 at about 02:42am PDT, and Landed in a Almond grove south of Patterson, Ca.
I haven’t had time to analyze video yet, but while viewing through the footage I notice something interesting. When the sun got close to stars it seemed to switch them off. It seemed as though the energy from the sun effected the light from the stars even when the stars were still in darkness. I will do a complete analysis of this video and upload my results on my next video.

23 luglio 2019

Weather Balloon Full Unedited Flight Video

On 7/13/2019, the West Georgia Amateur Radio Society launched a high altitude weather balloon with APRS tracking and cameras. It reach an altitude of 109,872 feet (33,489 meters) before it burst and landed in a remote (and recently cleared) area WSW of Ranburne, Alabama. This is the raw, unedited video from the side-facing camera-

16 luglio 2019

The world is really flat folks!

Stunning video clarity demonstrated on my IR videos with a denoiser illustrating how flat the world appears.

17 giugno 2019


Many are asking for proof that the earth isn’t spherical. There are more proofs than seen in this video, but I wanted to include the best ones that I’ve seen as well as some simple experiments you can do to prove that curve is missing and that there is a firmament above.

9 giugno 2019

High Altitude Balloon 15 (Infrared Camera)

This is the first time we used Hydrogen as a lift gas for our Weather Balloon Experiments. The Balloon Reached an Altitude of 115,220 feet. The main experiment was to record video in the infrared spectrum. There were two GoPro Hero 4 Black cameras on board both had 4.35mm lenses. One had a 950 nm infrared filter the other had no filter. The video will show two versions in infrared one color the other B & W. The camera with no filter will show in color only. The flight took place on August 3 2018 and lunched from a field west of our neighborhood in Santa Nella, Ca.

1 giugno 2019

Aerial Near Infrared Imagery with Sony 18-105mm Lens

Amazing Aerial Near Infrared (NIR) imagery captured with a Sony E PZ 18-105mm G lens and modified Sony camera, (830 nm IR). Another nail for the coffin of the globe earth.

8 marzo 2019

What part of FLAT EARTH don’t you understand?

114,000 feet (21.5 miles, 34,747 meters) High Altitude Balloon Footage shot with a 120 degree wide angle lens (corrected) … music “The Sound Of Silence” song by DISTURBED.

14 febbraio 2019

Flat Earth What??

Why would the powers that be want to hide the true shape of the Earth or true model of the Universe…why?

I’m gathering some of the top reasons that they want to hide the flat Earth,

1. To create hyper-consumerism.
2. To take God out of the equation of life.
3. To hide our divinity or divine importance.
4. To hide mankind as the center of the Universe.
5. To promote the “Space Myth” for profit, keeping all the space programs going all over the world.
6. To Create a fear based world, comets hitting us, the ball Earth blindly hurdling through space.
7. To perpetuate the profit of Dinosaurs and the scarcity of oil so called fossil fuels.
8. To keep Darwinism and the Big bang as current truth and not pure theory.
9. To hide whats beyond the arctic ice wall.

I have been having fun looking into the flat Earth round Earth debate, approaching the whole discussion with a complete open mind not being one or the other, after many hours of research from a scientific perspective here is my findings.

I am not round Earth and I am not flat earth I just want to know the truth, and the observable evidence based on Reason and sound Logic points to a Flat Earth. If I am pressed to choose I will go with the evidence not sentiment. The Earth is Flat.

Makes you wonder why there is a flat earth debate when we have photos and video from thousands and thousands of feet up and no curve? Should be enough proof? In fact we can’t find curve anywhere on land or from space. Round Earthers please notice the graduating light source on the horizon and above it (from posted photo), notice the obvious hotspot because of the closeness of the Sun and the dark edges where it is becoming night as the light dissipates. Its not that people want the Earth to be flat, its just that the evidence of such is overwhelming.

Top Reasons the Earth is known to be Flat

1. No Curve from space. (when you use correct lens and not a Gopro) Link –

2. No Curve from Land….no observable curve nor measurable curve from high powered lasers or any other measurement known by man.

3. For all the moving, spinning, tilting and wobbling of NASA’s model the Polestar stays fixed, year after year millennium after millennium. Not only is the Polestar fixed but so are all the stars, ALL OF THEM. Proof is in the time-lapse of the stars at the North-pole.

4. The graduating light source of the Sun as it sets at the horizon, light follows the Sun, why? because the Sun is moving and not fixed. This graduating of the light source is not how NASA admits or views the Sun, if the Sun is Fixed at the Center of the Solar system its light would not gradually diminish following the Suns path across the Earth.

5. The Hotspot of the Sun from space on the Earth, impossible from 93,000,000 million miles away, there would not be a localized Hotspot from a flood like light source 93 million miles away, plus the way the light follows the Sun. and light following the Sun link –

6. NASA or any other object can not get through the firmament, it can’t be done, they have already sent up 2 private rockets to blast through to space and they failed miserably. What goes up must come down. When Rockets from Nasa go to space the flight path always curves back to earth out of sight, it always curves, never into space past the firmament. Until NASA can prove without lieing or CGI that they can go through the firmament then all else will not be truth. We demand uninterrupted manned proof of going through the Van Allen Belts also known as the firmament!! video Video Link –

7. Commercial flight paths and boat paths are all flat earth based.

8. The Sun and Moon are out in the day time at the same time high in the sky…and the Moon is at all stages of its phases, If you can see the Sun in Full then the Moon should not be a Crescent ever, if the Moon is a Crescent then the Sun according to NASA must be on the other side of the earth casting a shadow on the Moon not high in the sky with the Moon.

9. Water is always flat, always. There is no such thing as curved water.

10. The Sun at any given day will be sometimes 20% or more bigger depending where it is in the sky, impossible if it is fixed and 93,000,000 miles away. The relative size would not change much at all at such distances.

11. NASA is a Cheese Factory, they have been caught in so many lies they are full of holes, too many to count. No Moon Landings, No satellites, Orbiting does not exist. If they were professional and true, they would never be caught in any lies because there would be no need for them at all. (what goes up must come down) Google NASA Lies. Video Link –

12. When planes fly they do not make adjustments for curvature, the horizon is fixed with a typical airplane using about a dozen gyroscopes in everything from its compass to its autopilot. A gyroscope fixes the planes path with the horizon..and its always flat, the degree it varies from its fixed position is less than 2% the entire flight of the plane, even if the plane is flying thousands of miles. The gyroscope; a gyroscope fixes the plane on the horizon to stabilize the path of flight, if it was a globe the plane would have to be adjusted for the curve of the Earth constantly and the gyroscope would vary by 20% to 50% during a long flight not 1-2%. Video Link –

13. No proof of Gravity only electromagneticism, buoyancy and density based on each individual object or identity, there is no proof of a blanket force that acts equally on all bodies at the same time independent of each particles electromagnetic reality, buoyancy and density. What is light goes up, what is heavy goes gradually down, a feather can float in the wind for miles, dust floats and doesn’t settle for miles or floats for days, helium defies gravity all together, each particle determines its own destiny based on its density or lack of any density (helium) its buoyancy or lack of buoyancy…will it float or sink based on its constitution. Video Link –

14. Bubbles…yes bubbles in space, NASA shoots all its footage in a swimming pool, yes a huge swimming pool that has the entire space station recreated in it, bubbles have been seen throughout all space walks, or so called space walks. If they are not using a giant swimming pool, they use Green screens and Zero gravity drops from a Boeing airplane to simulate space. Video Link –

15. When NASA shows earth from a high altitude the earth is spinning, yet when independent people send up balloons or rockets at the same high altitude the earth is not visibly spinning. VIdeo link –

16. The Horizon is always at eye level, no matter how high you go, this is impossible on a ball Earth or any Ball for that matter. When your at sea level the horizon is at eye level, when your at 130,000 feet in the air it is at eye level. This only happens on an infinite plane or a very huge!! plane, but would not happen on a round ball. I’m not a mathematician but if at 130,000 ft and the horizon looks flat, and they say we are on a ball, how big would the earth have to be to incrementally round out the flatness to be a ball…I think the Earth would end up being millions of miles around or even billions of miles around?. The horizon is always at eye level and it spreads out into infinity in all directions that is why NASA and private photos of earth always show the half Moon depiction of Earth from space, never panning to show the actual ball Earth. Look at all the photos of the Earth from space if its a real photo and not CGI then it will always be the half Moon depiction with a GoPro Lens like curve. If its really a Globe why can they never video or take pictures from so called space panning and showing us anything but the half moon shot. The reason is the horizon rises to eye level and goes off into infinity in all directions and is impossible to show anything but the half moon gopro like shot. All else is CGI if they show anything but this perspective.

17. NASA admits on several occasions they can only fly in lower earth orbit, the key word here is fly, nothing has ever orbited or floated weightless outside lower earth orbit, outer space does not exist, the entire world lives under the firmament, there is no actual proof of going through the Van Allen Belts or Firmament, only Gods Sun, Moon, Stars (clouds) and other heavenly bodies float weightless fixed in their path or position, all other bodies must adhere to the law – “what goes up must come down” here are the links from NASA themselves again admitting this truth – and

18. Crepuscular rays – I’ve been an artist for 35yrs, looking intently at the clouds, sky moon sun, land and sea, when you look at Crepuscular rays they tell the whole story of where the Sun actually is every-time, all you have to do is follow them till they intersect, and you will always find the Sun! The rays of the Sun don’t lie, they spread out so profoundly in such a large circular area, impossible if the Sun is 93,000,000 miles away. Speaking of the rays, the Sun path on the water of the Ocean is another indication of the closeness of the Sun also, if you look at the path you will see that it is uniformly lit from the front to the back, impossible if the Sun actually were 93,000,000 miles away, the back of the path would be different than the front lit up right on the shore. There is a lot of scientific explanations but this video I found says it all with no words, you can see the huge circular rays from one light source…if you want science click on the other link. and the scientific explanation link –…happyresearching!! ( )

17 gennaio 2019

Cheap Fake Space – made in China! ✞

Why spend your hard earned money on expensive brands like PUMA, if you can get the chinese knock-off NUMA, TUNA, PIMP or PIGG much cheaper? Also, why spend a fortune on faking space with NASA, ESA or Roscosmos, when CNSA – the Chinese National Space Administration – can do it for just a fraction of these budgets? Just take a look a China’s “Space Walk” 2008: They filmed it in a pool, just like the BIG space agencies, with the same telltale signs; bubbles in “space”, Astro-Nots (Taiko-Nots in this case) and objects like their chinese flag and the security cable figthing against the water current. The globe projection in the background glitches and the whole earth changes from partly cloudy to completely clouded in a few seconds. For a few extra bucks, the chinese space-actors even throw up a salute to the devil showing the horned one hand-sign, jut like their overpaid counterparts. Or here, China’s space station Tiangong-1 in 2013, the same green screen glitch we have seen from NASA and ESA so often, people don’t just appear out of thin air, yet this Taikonot does exactly that. First you can see right through him, then he gets more and more solid as he enters the module. And why go to NASA for alleged landings on Mars etc, when China’s CGI nerds can do it just as good? Granted, the chinese moon-cartoon-landing 2019 looked like it was programmed on a Playstation, but the brainwashed masses don’t notice stuff like that anyway, so why bother making it any better? Critical thinking is as good as dead in our societies, and as long as the main stream propaganda machine claims it’s real, most of us will buy it hook, line and sinker. In case you didn’t note the sarcasm in my words, I am really sorry for you, and I hope and I pray that you will wake up from your deep slumber before it’s too late. If you are one of the many guys calling me a mentally retarded lackwit idiot who should quickly kill hilmself, I am sorry for disappointing you, but I will do nothing like that, I will go down fighting for the truth and not like most of you giving up and defending a giant heap of satanic LIES. NASA and ALL other space agencies LIE, Space is FAKE, Biblical Earth is FLAT, God Almighty is REAL, and Jesus Christ is our beloved Lord and Saviour.


27 dicembre 2018


Flat Earth and the 7 Planets of the Universe by ODD TV. The number seven encoded in our universe.

30 novembre 2018

The true story of Alexander Gleason

ALEXANDER GLEASON.- Died at Darien Center, N. Y., March 13, 1909, Alexander Gleason, aged 81 years, 3 months, and 13 days. About three months before his death Brother Gleason had a stroke of paralysis, which rendered his left side helpless. He hoped that the Lord would restore him, but as weeks went on, he realized that the time was nearing when he would rest. He made all necessary arrangements, and left a testimony to be read at his death, which expressed courage and faith. He said that he accepted the Bible as the infallible Word of God at Toledo, Ohio, from his study of a pamphlet, “The Four Universal Monarchies.” He was baptized by Elder J. H. Waggoner at Hillsdale, Mich., in the spring of 1859. Since that time he had never doubted the truth of this message. The writer has been personally acquainted with Brother Gleason for twenty-five years. He has ever been at his post, faithful to the principles of the message. In his last hours he realized that the battle had been. fought, the victory won. We laid him to rest like a fallen warrior to awake at ‘his Master’s call. The church sorrows, but with a bright hope. He leaves three daughters, also his life companion, to mourn his death. He chose for Scriptural texts I Cor. 15 : 21, 22 ; Job 19 : 25. 26. Remarks were made by the writer. H. W. CARR. R&H, April 15, 1909-

25 ottobre 2018

Infrared Flat Earth: 1000 mile visibility across Lake Huron to Hudson Bay

Epic flight across the Great Lakes with an Infrared camera, this is part 2 of the Great Lakes in Infrared series. We can see 1000+ miles across the lake and land all the way to Hudson Bay, simply incredible!! The horizon change on the last slide could be due to atmospheric conditions above Lake Superior, I left that unexplained to cause some to ponder and think and engage the subject 🙂 thanks for watching, -JT

14 ottobre 2018

Flat Earth: Baja California and Sea of Cortez in Infrared from 200 to 500 miles

earth is flat proofEpic views of Baja California and the Sea of Cortex in infrared. Baja is clearly visible from around Tucson and Phoenix Arizona aboard a flight from Los Angeles CA to Houston TX filmed in infrared with a Sony ax53 camcorder and 950nm long pass filter. As my other videos show, infrared lets us see very far, in fact too far for a globe. The earth appears FLAT!

5 ottobre 2018

The Firmament shown in infrared?

Fair Use for educational purposes. Original video If you have an infrared camera, pls take footage of the sky and try to capture the Firmament on clear days.

22 settembre 2018

Two reality TV stars have shared the most bizarre Flat Earth theory yet

flat earth reality

Picture: Anthony Harvey/REX/Shutterstock

Just when you thought you had heard the most ridiculous flat earth theories, reality TV stars wade into the debate.

Yes, we know that there are a few celebrities who have come out as Flat Earthers in the past. but the stars of Geordie Shore may have just topped everyone with their thorough analysis of the shape of the planet.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry – both stars of the popular reality show set in Newcastle – admitted that they became flat earth believers after a flight to Australia.

The newest series of Geordie Shore has been filmed Down Under and their flight path is what changed their opinion, as 21-year-old Sam explained:

I’ve got a theory. They say the world is a circle but I think it’s flat.

For instance, when has anyone ever walked or flew and suddenly gone down?

That never happens. Even when you go to Australia you go straight along.


We can see the logic here, ish – but honestly the notion that you should have to fly directly down in order to reach a country in the southern hemisphere defies all the physics we know.

Sam, who has also appeared on Love Island, continued by adding that flying back to Australia would require you to carry on flying around in a circle and not go back the route that you came.

I’m being deadly serious…if the world was round then when you flew to Australia you’d have to go at a downward angle. But it doesn’t.

Also, if the world was round then when you came back from Australia you could just carry on round.

But you don’t…you go back the way you came, through Thailand.

Sam also struggled with the concept that the Earth orbits the sun, the movements of clouds and how you aren’t upside down when in Australia.

In addition, Chloe – spoken like a true conspiracy theorist – believes that scientists have been lying to us about all sorts of things.

I think the scientists are lying. They lie. The world is not round.

They lie to us about loads of stuff. 

It doesn’t make sense.

People who understand it should work for Nissan…sorry, I mean Nasa.

Chloe also had some interesting thoughts on the Bermuda Triangle, which in all fairness is a mystery that a lot of people are still trying to get their heads around. The 22-year-old said:

I’m also confused about the Bermuda Triangle. I struggle to even say it.

The thing about the Bermuda Triangle is no-one knows what’s going on…I want to know what’s in there.

Although it is easy to mock Flat Earthers, we can’t begrudge someone for wanting to believe in something.

A major flat earth theorist Connor Murphy recently told UniLad that Flat Earthers don’t like to feel that they are being controlled and told what to think by Nasa.

The money raised by NASA alone since their inception is something like fifteen trillion dollars, and with that money, they’ve really shown little for their work.

They’re releasing composite images and articles and telling you this is what’s happening, this is what we’re doing, and we spent seven hundred million dollars to get this photo of Pluto that we had to put together in Photoshop.

A second thing is to make people feel insignificant. It makes you feel like you’re an insignificant speck of dust and therefore you’re easy to control.

With that being said, we cannot state this any more clearly… the Earth is round.

( )

22 settembre 2018

Drew Barrymore & Flat Earth

Drew Barrymore on “Norm MacDonald has a show” . She mentions the flat earth “it’s flat, it’s round, I was in a dome“.

18 luglio 2018

The Space Shuttle Joke: how the fraud was achieved

The globe earth fantasy is quickly disappearing due to many across our flat earth realizing the real nature of this world. Amongst the many layers of deception is this – The Space Shuttle Missions… Here (UAP Channel) explains how NASA has fooled so many for so long…Now this age of deception is coming to an end, as the world wakes up to the real meaning of our existence. Thanks to UAP for allowing me to share with you:

10 luglio 2018

Oval-shaped path of the Sun over a flat Earth

by Albino Galuppini

Calogero Greco

Flat earth researcher Calogero Greco has developed an innovative model. In this Earth model, the Sun draws in an oval-shaped orbit over the face of Earth.
Mr. Greco noticed that, during Austral summer solstice, the sunrise point in South Africa is different than Australia and New Zealand. In fact, in Africa the Sun raises from North East while, in Oceania, it comes from South East. Being on the same latitude, it is quite odd. Therefore, solar path must not be circular but rather elliptical.

So Calogero established a model to settle the issue. The oval shaped solar motion suggests that a portion of Antarctica may be warmer than currently believed. So, it may be confirmed Admiral Byrd allegations regarding a warmer unknown land existing beyond the South Pole he had discovered during his antarctic expeditions. Even James Cook said he had seen lands free of ice beyond the Ross sea. In this territories may have survived animal and vegetal forms gone extinct elsewhere.

Calogero Greco also discovered the mentioned explorer captain James Cook, during his Southern explorations, followed the sun having it on his vertical during the month of November.

20 Mag 2018

Spiral rotation of Sun Spots Debunks Heliocentric model

The motion of sun spots show us that the heliocentric model has a serious problem. What we observe in reality does not match what we are told. RESEARCH FLAT EARTH! Special Thank You to all those who contributed to this project. Tony Russo, Anderson Neves, David James, and Chris Monk Sellye.

29 aprile 2018

Is NASA deceiving us? When astronauts rise from the dead

If you are 40 years or older, you may remember January 28th 1986. It was the day of a huge NASA catastrophe off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida, where at 11:38 am EST, 73 seconds after take-off, Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in a tremendous burst over the Atlantic. Now, for a second time this matter leaves the world breathless. Though, this latest shock even surpasses the one of 30 years ago. At least six of the seven Challenger crew members are said to be still alive; four of them even under the same name.

Further readings: Was Gregory Jarvis the only victim of Challenger disaster?

25 aprile 2018

The Great Jet Fuel Hoax: free energy is real

it’s a recent discovery that passenger airplanes do not carry much fuel, technological achievement being hidden from public eyes. You won’t believe this. I’ve never really thought about this before but how could aluminum airplane wing hold 250 tons in an Airbus A380, for example? There is no way those wings could hold that heavy wright. An Abrams tank weighs between 50 to 60 tons depending on armor package…. do you honestly think each wing could hold two Abrams tanks? Even one of these tanks would sheer that wing clean off! Some thin aluminum structures and pop rivets is not going to hold in a tank.
There is only one conclusion.
You may have noticed exhaust coming from the rear of the plane when you looked out the window in the gate area. It is from the auxiliary power unit (APU), fueled with kerosene, which is like a mini jet engine, usually located in the back of the plane, containing a compressor needed to start jet engines. Once started, main engines run without propellant.
Free energy must be already existing. That’s right these planes have been able to fly on free energy for a long time, and they’ve kept that secret from us. ( )

Abrams tank