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5 settembre 2021

The most important documentary on Flat Earth

1 luglio 2021

Reason Behind Mars Mission


That counterfeit origins scenario and the counterfeit god behind it constitute the whole underlying agenda of NASA’s Space Science Enterprise. From its inception, the overriding purpose for the Mars Missions has been made unmistakably plain…as seen in Part I and this more recent quote:

Egypt and Mars terrain“The search for water drives all of NASA’s Mars missions, because water is the key ingredient required for life.”

In short, all of the Mars Missions are specifically designed to “discover” any sign of liquid water or microbial life. Along with universal media compliance and a constantly reinforced bombardment of evolution babble (which the public has been schooled to receive as scientific truth), it is expected that such “discoveries” will then be counted as “proof” that extraterrestrial evolutionism is a scientific fact.

This “fact” will then “confirm” the recent “Paradigm Shift” of the Evolution Establishment. For a century and a half the world has been indoctrinated into the belief that the alleged mechanisms of Darwinism are what started life on Earth. But now–as we saw even devoted evolutionary scientists have abandoned that myth. The new Evolutionary Paradigm…the new myth…of how life on Earth and throughout the universe had its beginnings is now locked into the “Panspermia” concept whereby comets spew out bacteria all over the universe and it evolves into ETs and Klingons and Evolutionary Scientists.

In this effort to establish this crazy Kabbalist Kosmos that is 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick and swarming with evolving life, the Mars Missions are critical. Make no mistake: The Mars Missions are meant to make evolutionism the winner in the “creation sweepstakes” and put Bible Creationism (and Bible credibility on through the New Testament of Jesus Christ) out of business.

In addition to all the claims and speculations from the Rovers over the next couple of months, the real wild card in the Kabbalist’s hand will be the return of the thimble full of alleged comet exhaust allegedly captured in the “Stardust” operation before the Rovers ever landed. That alleged exhaust is scheduled for return to Earth in January, 2006. At that time its wispy contents will be examined with great fanfare and appropriately faked trepidation as to whether it contains bacteria or not.

As that scheduled but presently muted drama unfolds, the credibility of the evolutionary “creation story” now resting on acceptance of the new “Panspermia Paradigm” (based on the expulsion of bacteria by comets) will have its chance to claim final victory over Bible Creationism if bacteria is allegedly found on Mars or in that vial of comet exhaust (to be confirmed by a select group of allegedly impartial scientists).

Notwithstanding all this scheming, there is one scientific issue which is guaranteed to stop the tax-funded Kabbalic evolutionary bandwagon in its tracks. That issue is equally guaranteed to establish worldwide an irresistible and irrefutable slam dunk case for Bible inerrancy from Genesis I through Revelation XXII.

That one scientific issue is the leitmotif of this web page, namely, that Copernicanism is the demonstrably factless and vulnerable keystone of all false science and false religion. Once the exposure of Copernicanism’s baselessness is complete, it will quickly become evident that Copernicanism is also the Achilles Heel of all deception which is dependent on the rotating and orbiting Earth concept. Very little mental strain is required to comprehend that the result of the demise of Copernicanism will usher in a separation of the world’s populations into the Satan worshippers and God worshippers plainly described in Rev. 13:2b-7; etc. ( )

24 febbraio 2021

The real story of Capricorn One
A group of three astronauts participate in a government scheme to fake a manned landing on Mars in this conspiracy thriller. Soon, the astronauts discover that they have become expendable, as the government plans to kill them to prevent the truth from being revealed.

(source: )

The true events behind this movie in the Bill Kaysing biography: The whole story of an alternative lifestyle writer.

( )

6 febbraio 2021

The Great Jet Fuel Hoax Airbus A380 Sketchup

The Great Jet Fuel Hoax Airbus A380 Sketchup how to Model truth in travel 911! Jet Plane Fuel Hoax Exposed Over Unity and Free Energy Flat Earth. See The Forest Through The Trees Enslaved By No Media
The Limitless Channel
The Truth About Everything​ Jet Plane Fuel Hoax Exposed! Over Unity and Free Energy Flat Earth. See The Forest Through The Trees JET PLANE FUEL HOAX EXPOSED!

2 gennaio 2021

Oltre ogni ragionevole dubbio

Perché mai la compagnia di bandiera australiana (nel cui logo c’è il canguro) effettua voli all’interno degli USA fra Alaska e costa orientale?

Il video realizzato dall’amico Eddie Alencar illustra senza possibilità di smentita alcuna che la Terra è piatta. In che senso? I voli aerei per il sud degli Stati uniti o per il Messico, provenienti dall’Australia, transitano tutti a nord delle isole Hawaii. La qual cosa sarebbe impossibile, se la Terra fosse una sfera. Se avete sottomano un mappamondo, potete fare la verifica voi stessi. I velivoli diretti in Messico, addirittura, fanno scalo in Canada (Vancouver) cioè molto più a Settentrione di quanto sarebbe se atterrassero direttamente a Città del Messico.
I velivoli dall’Australia provengono sempre da Nord (facendo scalo in Alaska) per raggiungere USA e Messico. Come è possibile se l’Australia sta vicina al polo Sud?

Libri di approfondimento: QUADERNI DALLA TERRA PIATTA

30 dicembre 2020

First Photograph of Earth’s Curvature
First Photograph of Earth’s Curvature.

On Dec. 30, 1930, the first photograph that captured the curvature of the Earth was displayed at a joint session of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The photo was taken by Capt. Albert Stevens of the U.S. Army Air Corps, which later became the U.S. Air Force. Stevens used panchromatic photographic film to record an image of an area larger than some states.

The photo captured the distant horizon over 300 miles ahead as bent slightly downward toward one end. Taking photos from the sky was difficult and, to cut through haze, Stevens employed infrared-sensitive film for long-distance aerial shots where subjects were visually obscured.

In 1932, Stevens took the first photographs of the Moon’s shadow on the Earth during a solar eclipse. In 1934, Stevens and army officers Maj. William Kepner and Capt. Orvil Anderson boarded a specially built balloon to attempt to break the altitude record however the balloon burst but all three men managed to parachute to safety. ( )

30 ottobre 2020

The 10 Longest Flights in the World prove flat earth

So, What’s the longest flight YOU have ever been on? Have you ever wondered how far you have traveled in one full swoop? Spare a thought and credit yourselves a chance. Though there are plenty of travelers I who just hate sitting on a plane being told when can they get up, when can’t they; what can they bring on board, what can’t they on board on long-haul flights.  There are many who harbor very little love for long-haul flights. Well I wont be hardpressed to find myself on this strange bucket list to be on board in the longest of non-stop flights in the world, without even touching down for a layover. I often wonder what its like to absorb the surreal experience of taking the longest non-stop flight in the world with the sweetest of window seat and my laptop, documenting the experience- the stunning landscapes, mesmerizing views, breaking a friendly discussion with an awesome seatmate, taking selfies, eating, drinking, sleeping and much more..   Listing below top 10 longest (by distance) non-stop flights in the world  

1.Sydney SYD – Dallas DFW (8,578 miles)

Qantas’ Sydney to Dallas/Forth Worth A380 service currently takes the top spot as the longest commercial flight in the world in terms of distance – a whopping 8,578 miles without stopping.   #Very soon Turkish Airlines to start world’s longest non-stop flight, to Australia to break the record set by Qantas’ Sydney to Dallas for a route from Istanbul-IST to Sydney-SYD, 9,293 miles apart.

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 1/10 by srishti jugran

2. Johannesburg JNB – Atlanta ATL (8,439 miles)

Operated by Delta’s Boeing 777-200LR

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 2/10 by srishti jugran

3. Dubai DXB – Los Angeles LAX (8,339 miles)

Operated by Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER or, at times, their Airbus A380-800

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 3/10 by srishti jugran

4. Dubai DXB – Houston IAH (8,168 miles)

Operated by Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 4/10 by srishti jugran

5. Dallas DFW – Hong Kong HKG (8,123 miles)

Operated by American Airlines flight # AA 137 (AAL137) 

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 5/10 by srishti jugran

6. Dubai DXB – San Francisco SFO (8,103 miles)

Operated by Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 6/10 by srishti jugran

7. New York JFK – Hong Kong HKG (8,072 miles)

Operated by Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 7/10 by srishti jugran

8. Newark EWR – Hong Kong HKG (8,065 miles)

Operated by Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER| United Airlines’s Boeing 777-200ER

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 8/10 by srishti jugran

9. Doha DOH – Houston IAH (8,047 miles)

Operated by Qatar Airways’ Boeing 777-200LR

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 9/10 by srishti jugran

10. Dubai DXB – Dallas DFW (8,040 miles)

Operated by Emirates Boeing 777-200LR

Photo of Top 10 Longest Flights in the World 10/10 by srishti jugran
16 ottobre 2020

“The Circle of the Earth” Translation and Meaning in Isaiah 40:22

by Dennis Bratcher

Isaiah 40:22 It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to live in;

Some people, for various reasons, take “the circle of the earth” in Isaiah 40:22 to be a reference to a spherical earth. This would mean that the ancient Israelites of the eighth century BC knew that the earth was spherical and not flat. This perspective shows up in arguments from both Young Earth Creationists -1- and from those wanting to argue an absolutely literal reading of the biblical text, usually to support the idea that God revealed modern scientific facts and data to the ancient Israelites.

Engaging those perspectives might prove helpful to many Christians trying to take seriously both the scientific world in which they live and the perspectives of Scripture that come from a world three to two millennia in the past. However before we can begin to engage that discussion, we must come to terms with what the Bible actually says and means, especially within the context of Ancient Near Eastern culture.

It is important at least to consider and try to understand what the Bible says on the level of language and meaning before one jumps to taking single words out of a context to make an apologetic case for a notion or a doctrine. Simply working from a favorite translation that uses certain English words to which we then apply meaning in relation to our modern perspectives, knowledge, and world-view (how we understand the physical world to work) is not good enough. We must try to hear the Biblical text against the background, the literary, cultural and historical milieus, from which it was written.

The Hebrew word that is used in Isaiah 40:22 (חוּג, chug) does not at all imply a spherical earth. The root word only occurs in the Hebrew Bible once as a verb (Job 26:10). In nominal forms, the same root occurs four times, three as the noun חוּג (chug; Job 22:14, Prov 8:27, Isa 40:22), and once as the noun מְחוּגׇה (mechugah; Isa 44:13). This term refers to a “circle instrument,” a device used to make a circle, what we call a compass.

Isaiah 44:13 refers to this “circle instrument.”

Isa 44:13 The carpenter stretches a line, marks it out with a stylus, fashions it with planes, and marks it with a compass; he makes it in human form, with human beauty, to be set up in a shrine. [NIV]

The verbal form of the word basically means “to make a circle” or “to scribe a circle.”

Job 26:10 He has described a circle on the face of the waters, at the boundary between light and darkness. [NRSV]

Most modern translators agree that this “scribing a circle” in relation to the world refers to the horizon of the earth.

NIV: He marks out the horizon on the face of the waters for a boundary between light and darkness.

NLT: He created the horizon when he separated the waters; he set the boundary between day and night.

GWT: He marks the horizon on the surface of the water at the boundary where light meets dark.

Ancient people were very good at observing the physical properties of the earth without necessarily understanding how all of those properties worked. The horizon of the earth is easily seen from any high vantage point or open area as an encompassing circle. This led ancient peoples to describe this “circle” or the horizon as the “edge” or “end” of the earth (Deut 13:7, 1 Sam 2:10, Job 28:24, Psa 48:10, etc.).

The poetic hymn of Proverbs 30:4 uses this “ends of the earth” language to say much the same thing that Isaiah 44:13 says by “circle of the earth” and that Job 26 expresses by saying “he scribed a circle on the face of the waters.”

Prov 30:4 Who has ascended to heaven and come down? Who has gathered the wind in the hollow of the hand? Who has wrapped up the waters in a garment? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is the person’s name? And what is the name of the person’s child? Surely you know!

The other uses of the same Hebrew root reveal a similar meaning.

Job 22:14 Thick clouds enwrap him, so that he does not see, and he walks on the dome of heaven.

Ancient people of 2,000 or 1,000 BC did not have modern scientific knowledge. Yet they developed perceptions of the physical world based on observations. It was certainly not scientific but practical, based on what they could observe simply by looking at the earth and sky.

People of the Ancient Near East, as well as ancient Hebrews and Israelites, conceptualized the world as a large, flat, circular disk anchored in water below (the deep, Prov 8:27, Gen 1:2, 49:25, etc.) by pillars or foundations (1 Sam 2:8, Prov 8:29, etc.). Between the earth and this deep was Sheol, the place of the dead. -2- The earth was covered by a “firmament,” conceived as a large solid upside down bowl or “dome” (Job 22:14, 37:18), in which the stars were placed (Gen 1:14-20). Above the dome was also water, which was the source of rain.

Gen 1:7 So God made the dome and separated the waters that were under the dome from the waters that were above the dome.

The dome had “doors” and “windows” to let the waters above fall to the earth (Gen 7:11, Isa 24:18, Mal 3:10, etc.). God was described as ruling the world from his throne above the dome (Psa 33, Psa 113:4-6, Matt 5:34, etc.).

These references are not just isolated anomalies amidst an otherwise scientific grasp of the world. These conceptions are pervasive throughout the biblical narratives, not only in describing the physical world, but extended into metaphorical applications relating to other topics or even simply as ways to talk about the world and God. For example, creation hymns (Psa 33, 104, Hab 3, etc.) evoke these images as a form of praise. Or in the Babel story God must “come down” to see the puny work of humanity (Gen 11:5).

While there are many graphic depictions of ancient cosmology, we need to keep in mind that this was not a pictorial conception, but a functional and descriptive one. It is we in the modern world who tend to want visual imagery and reduce ideas to graphics and charts. Yet for ancient people this was simply a way of expressing what they saw about the operation of the physical world.

Ancient cosmology.

Also, we should not conclude that this way of talking about the physical world is what the Bible teaches as a reality, something in which we must believe in order to believe Scripture. Instead, this is the way ancient people talked about their experience of the world in the absence of any scientific knowledge about the processes at work in the world. Certainly we would describe the world today in much different terms. But then we live 3,000 years later in human history with much more knowledge about the physical world, and a different conceptual model and different vocabulary with which to describe the world.

We certainly affirm that Scripture is fully inspired by God (plenary inspiration; see Revelation and Inspiration of Scripture). Yet what is interesting is that even with inspiration, God allowed these ancient ways of looking at the world to stand without correction. In other words, God did not reveal modern scientific knowledge to the ancient Israelites, or correct their ancient views of the way the world works. He let them express marvelous truths about God in the language and culture in which they lived. That incarnational dimension of Scripture is crucial for us to understand if we are to hear adequately the important confessions about God and humanity that Scripture expresses.

The poetic Ode to Wisdom in Proverbs certainly seems to confirm this ancient view of the world.

Prov 8:27 When he established the heavens, I was there, when he drew a circle on the face of the deep, 8:28 when he made firm the skies above, when he established the fountains of the deep, 8:29 when he assigned to the sea its limit, so that the waters might not transgress his command, when he marked out the foundations of the earth . .

This supports the idea of the earth as a flat disk with foundational pillars to allow it to “float” on the great deep below the earth. It is a good depiction of Ancient Near Eastern cosmology, which the Israelites shared.

So, the “circle” of Isaiah 40:22 refers to the horizon of the earth, which is very obviously perceived as a circle since it can be seen in 360º from most anywhere on earth. In Ancient Near Eastern conceptions, this circle would refer to the flat earth disk, not to a sphere.


1. Young Earth Creationism is the belief that the earth is only between 6,000 and 10,000 years old. There are several versions, but are usually based on a very literalist reading of the Genesis narratives, including the idea that all of creation occurred within the span of six 24-hour days. [Return]

2. Sheol was not a “place” as much as it was a way to talk about death and burial. While graves and tombs were certainly physical places, Sheol was a way to talk concretely about the abstraction of death. See Sheol, Hell, and the Dead  [Return]

Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2018, Dennis Bratcher – All Rights Reserved
See Copyright and User Information Notice

14 ottobre 2020

Early Polar Maps and Exploration

The ancient world’s mythologies regarding a magnetic mountain, four directional rivers, and other more fantastical features at the North Pole are shockingly consistent, but what did the earliest known explorers, historians and cartographers have to say about the subject?

28 giugno 2020

MORE Emergency Landings proving FLAT EARTH

Please, share this videos with friends and family members “on the fence”.
All flights listed here are covered in my book. Two of them I already made videos about them but the three last ones I had not made any videos talking about them before.

1) Lufthansa flight LH543
2) Qatar Airways flight QR725
3) Hawaiian Airlines flight HA50
4) Hawaiian Airlines flight HA37

Further reading: 16 Emergency Landings proving Flat Earth (Book intro)

12 giugno 2020

Flat Earther Rob Skiba Warns About Q Anon

In this video, Rob Skiba and two others talk about: coronavirus, the controlled opposition, plans of taking away our freedoms and more. Two hour video.

14 Maggio 2020

No, this is not possible on a globe!

Epic long range visibility in Infrared from Mt San Jacinto lookout lodge at 8500′ elevation.

18 aprile 2020

How Maps, Compasses, and Circumnavigation Work on Flat Earth

By Eric Dubay

There is a popular myth taught to school children (which most adults today still believe) that people in history have travelled in perfectly straight lines Eastwards or Westwards and eventually arrived back at their starting point. It is heralded as proof of the globe Earth, and claimed that hundreds of adventurers since Magellan have completed such successful circumnavigations, but the truth is that no one in history has ever set off travelling in a perfectly straight line and returned back at their starting point. All successful circumnavigations in history, whether by sea or air, have instead followed the same pattern, which is sailing or flying the most convenient route from port to port stopping for supplies and re-fueling until a complete circle has been made. Not a single sailor or aviator in history has (or could) travel only in the same one perfectly straight direction and magically arrive back where they began. This ridiculous lie becomes obvious when critically examined, but when taught to young children successfully bends and warps their minds into accepting globe indoctrination.

Unlike the cardinal directions on a compass rose, North, South, East, and West on Earth are not simply straight lines separated by 90 degrees. North, rather than being an upward shooting arrow, is actually a point – a centerpoint – THE centerpoint of the entire Earth known as the geographic North Pole situated directly below Polaris, the North Pole star, the only motionless star in the heavens which marks the exact Northern centerpoint of the sky. South, rather than being a downward shooting arrow, is actually every line tangent to the Northern centerpoint, or in other words, every straight line extending outwards from the North Pole heads due South. East and West, rather than being right and left facing arrows, are actually clockwise and counter-clockwise circles around the Pole. The Sun, Moon and stars all rise in the East and set in the West, making perfect circles over and around us every day. As you can observe, they travel in a circular Westwards path over and around the Earth, and do not all travel in a straight leftward direction as suggested by a compass rose. Likewise navigators since ancient times have used Polaris to guide their ships, knowing that Polaris was the heavenly North Pole, South was traveling keeping your back to Polaris, East meant traveling keeping your left shoulder 90 degrees to the Pole Star, and West meant traveling keeping your right shoulder 90 degrees to the Pole Star.

All circumnavigations in history have been Eastwards or Westwards and never Northwards or Southwards because the latter is geographically impossible. Likewise Southern hemisphere flights from Australia to South America, or New Zealand to South Africa, for example, never fly the shortest, most direct route on a globe which would be Southwards over Antarctica. It is claimed this is because such flights would allegedly be too cold for any airplanes to handle, but the reality is the routes are geographically impossible because Antarctica is not a tiny ice-continent confined to the underside of a spherical spinning ball-Earth. Antarctica is actually the outer Southern perimeter of our level motionless plane Earth and surrounds the other six continents. How far Southwards Antarctica actually extends and how it terminates or what exists beyond it are all unknown to and kept from the general public however, and as a result, no completely accurate, fully functioning flat Earth map exists or could exist without the people being first allowed full independent exploration of the Arctic, Antarctic, and every where else.

There are, however, several maps which work as good visual aids for approximating the geography of our flat, stationary Earth. The Gleason’s 1892 new standard map of the world and Hammond’s 1945 air-age map of the world are two such maps. These so-called “Azimuthal Equidistant” maps are used in practical navigation and can be found in the logos of the United Nations, World Health Organization, International Maritime Organization, and International Civil Aviation Organization. They purport these to be simply two-dimensional representations of a spherical Earth with the North Pole at the centerpoint and claim these maps were made by flattening the globe, but just the opposite is true, and the globe (specifically the so-called “continent” of Antarctica) was made by spherizing our flat Earth, and bundling the expansive outer perimeter into a cramped oddly shaped ice-continent under the ball, kept off-limits by treaty from the general public.

23 marzo 2020

Iconic Anime Akira Predicted 2020 Olympic Game Turmoils

Akira Otomo 2020 Olympic gamesIn what turned out to be a worldwide famous coincidence, cult cyberpunk anime Akira predicted that (Neo) Tokyo would host the 2020 Olympic games. In a spooky parallel with the real world, in Akira’s post-apocalyptic world too, people are calling for the cancellation of the games.
Set in 2019, 31 years after World War III, Katsuhiro Otomo’s monument of science-fiction, Akira tells about a rather dark world struggling to get back to normal while a mysterious force is strengthening to plunge Neo Tokyo into yet another doom.
Akira is a phenomenal work of animation which has inspired countless movies and shows, including The Matrix trilogy no less. The combination of thrilling artwork and a highly complicated plot combining teenage gangs, psychic kids, and top-secret government experiments has not aged a bit.
But what certainly struck people the most is how Akira somehow foresaw the future on so many levels.

Akira (full movie)

23 marzo 2020

Is Inner Space As Fake As Outer Space?

As flat earthers, we know that “outer space” is fake. All you have to do is a search on Google to see the thousands of CGI images.

Do a search on Google for: pictures of viruses, images of viruses What do you come up with? All I see is CGI and artistic pictures. Is there a connection? I think so.

The reason I say “viruses” is that these are supposedly the smallest images. We have electron microscopes, so why can’t we see pictures of them? Well, the fact is, that viewing in an electron microscope it’s only grey images of what looks like bumps. So, how do they know how the inside of a virus is?

Click Here for video.

By looking at videos, they are all computer generated. It looks like Hollywood special effects; like a Star Trek ship flying through space. How can the scientists make this claim when nothing is found? Never, never has a virus been isolated; never has a virus been photographed.

There are cells and bacteria but that is on a larger scale and that is something different altogether. You can see them with a good dark field microscope, which isn’t nearly as strong an an electron microscope. Are we being lied to? Think of the constant news we are being fed by the media of viruses throughout the years. There was the SARS, West Nile, Bird Flu, all the way back to the Polio, which we were told was caused by viruses. Compare this to the NASA photos we are shown about stars and planets. You can’t see a TV news station without seeing the spinning Earth in the background. We are constantly being bombarded with these images. Now, it’s with CV.

Each year, we have the “flu season” where we are told about the virus; get your flu shots. A virus had to be created to support the idea of vaccination; vaccines are suppose to fight viruses. The pharmaceutical industry is built, on part, by selling vaccines.

Look at the second video here. Though everyone knows that these are animations, but they are to represent that which is true. Well, how do scientists know that they are true unless they observed them? They can’t photograph them because they don’t exist! We are shown “photos” of surfaces of planets but this is all created as there are such thing but points of light.

Have you ever look through a telescope at, Jupiter, for example, and compare that to what we are told it looks like? They don’t match! What you see in books and the internet are artist renditions. Why is it with the pictures we are shown, never, ever, look like what we see through the strongest telescope? The reason is, that all these “planets” are nothing but wandering stars – points of light. This same con is being done to us with viruses, too! ( )

17 gennaio 2020

Evangelist Texe Marrs Interviews a Flat Earther

Career air force officer, former professor Austin University, Texas, and founder of Power of Prophecy has discovered the flat earth truth. Texe is the author of many conspiracy books. In this interview, the guest connected some of the dots in the grand conspiracy. ( )

10 dicembre 2019

Flat Earth Debunked: Albino Galuppini is INSANE

Jarrah White from Australia is attacking me, calling me “insane”, for being a flat earther.

2 dicembre 2019

Le megattere dimostrano la nostra terra piatta

Le megattere cantano per corteggiarsi e per indicare la presenza di cibo alle compagne (© REUTERS/Mike Hutchings)

Filmato che dimostra inderogabilmente che le trasmissioni tramite onde sonore e via etere certificano che viviamo su di una terra e mari piani. Che sia il sistema di comunicazione delle balene, il sonar o trasmissioni radio in atmosfera non c’è modo di rintracciare la curvatura terrestre.

21 novembre 2019

This is not Hypnosis, it is Mind Control

This is not Hypnosis it is Mind Control. Just a little video put together with some new and older truth facts mixed in! I used music I thought fit the content well. Enjoy!

12 novembre 2019


On our given Heliocentric model, Jupiter shouldn’t be visible for more than 6 months in the night sky, but it is. There are some other strange things about Jupiter that help expose the fact that it’s not what we’re told and they’ve been included in this video.

27 ottobre 2019

How Eclipses Work on Flat Earth

Many people think that modern astronomy’s ability to accurately predict lunar and solar eclipses is a result and proof positive of the heliocentric theory of the universe. The fact of the matter however is that eclipses have been accurately predicted by cultures worldwide for thousands of years before the “heliocentric ball-Earth” was even a glimmer in Copernicus’ imagination. Ptolemy in the 1st century A.D. accurately predicted eclipses for six hundred years on the basis of a flat, stationary Earth with equal precision as anyone living today. All the way back in 600 B.C. Thales accurately predicted an eclipse which ended the war between the Medes and Lydians, and as far back as 3000 years ago the Chaldeans, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese and others accurately predicted eclipses to within seconds of modern methods. Eclipses happen regularly with precision in 18 year cycles, so regardless of geocentric or heliocentric, flat or globe Earth cosmologies, eclipses can be accurately calculated independent of such factors.

Another assumption and supposed proof of Earth’s globular shape, heliocentrists claim that lunar eclipses are caused by the shadow of their ball-Earth occulting the Moon. The idea is that the Sun, Earth, and Moon spheres perfectly align like three billiard balls in a row so that the Sun’s light casts the Earth’s shadow onto the Moon. Unfortunately for them, this explanation is rendered completely invalid due to the fact that lunar eclipses have happened and continue to happen regularly when both the Sun and Moon are still visible together above the horizon! But for the Sun’s light to be casting Earth’s shadow onto the Moon, the three bodies must be aligned in a straight 180 degree syzygy.

As early as the time of Pliny, there are records of lunar eclipses happening while both the Sun and Moon are visible in the sky, and it continues happening during lunar eclipses to this day. In an attempt to explain away the inconsistencies in their theory, heliocentrists usually claim light refraction must be happening on a scale large enough to account for the phenomena, but even if this highly-implausible reverse-engineered damage-control explanation is accepted, it cannot explain how Earth-bound observers are supposedly able to see 12,000 miles, 180 degrees around a globular Earth to objects on the other side. The reality is eclipses are a far more occult and mysterious phenomenon than lining up three billiard balls.

Lunar eclipses only occur during full Moons when the Moon is at the crossing point of the ecliptic opposite the Sun, and Solar eclipses only occur during new Moons when the Moon is at the crossing point of the ecliptic and aligned with the Sun. Such solar and lunar conjuctions and oppositions happen a minimum of 4 times per solar year and depending on their exact altitudes and observer location will produce partial, total or annular eclipses. In ancient cosmology these lunar nodes and accompanying eclipses were personified as the gods Rahu and Ketu, often shown devouring the Sun or Moon. During solar eclipses the new Moon conjunction directly crosses the Sun causing the black-out effect, and during lunar eclipses the full Moon opposition to the Sun causes the shadowy red tint. This phenomenon is wholly celestial involving the luminaries and their regular interactions with one another, and not in any way terrestrial involving the Earth beneath our feet causing upward-casting shadows into the heavens.

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24 ottobre 2019

Jarrah White attacking Albino Galuppini on Flat earth stance

I have hard time trying to understand Jarrah’s real terror about me for being a flat earther. After all, Bill Kaysing‘s books comply 100% with a global hoax. Jarrah is so upset that some claims he made appear to be quite frankly insane. The Moon hoax was just a piece in the puzzle of a world deception pulled by Devil’s worshipers, is it so difficult to figure out?
This is my modest opinion.

23 ottobre 2019

David Weiss Flat Earth Interview with Alex Jones AKA Bill Hicks

Infowars show on David Weiss (DITRH) Flat Earth Interview with Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli.

13 settembre 2019

The Sun is not 93 millions miles away

The Sun never sets or rises, it stays the same distance over the Flat Earth throughout it’s daily/annual journeys around.
The appearance of rising and setting is all based on the law of perspective on plane surfaces.
Modern Mechanics describes how on a Flat Earth the Sun can be computed to 3,000 miles via triangulation