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24 febbraio 2018

Real world flat earth proof: “line of sight” microwave link

Exalt Wireless has a product called ExploreAir which is a LINE-OF -SIGHT microwave transmission platform. This is a recent press release about a recent installation over water from Beirut to Cyprus. You can skip to the last paragraph and not bother reading it if you like. I had to put it here or the globetards would demand to see it. This product is a line-of-sight microwave link which is basically a straight line over water (The Mediterranean Sea) to a receiver on the other end, 150 miles away. There should be three miles of curvature but this LINE-OF-SIGHT connection is mounted at less than fifty feet on both ends. I spoke to them today to confirm this and didn’t bring up the reason why. I told them I was just impressed with their accomplishment and wanted to learn about the equipment and the installation. It is as advertised, a straight line over 235km of water, point to point, no repeaters. Again, skip to the last paragraph unless you’re technical and interested.
Exalt website:
Marketwired article:
CloudWedge article:
Engineering and Technology:
Metabunk curvature calculator:

25 gennaio 2018

Is Flat Earth a controlled disclosure?

Flat Earth cannot be debunked because the Earth is flat. I believe global elites are staging a clever controlled disclosure through people like Eric Dubay and duo Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere.
It is interesting to note that mainstream media, controlled by Freemasons, refer to them while trying to falsely debunk the stationary and plain earth upon which we live. I also believe some of the so-called “Christian flat earthers” are Masons in disguise. You cannot serve two masters.
ABC News Nightline covered the flat earth conference in Cary, NC, held in November 2017.

30 dicembre 2017

Educational system is falling apart from the inside

This Student Proves Flat Earth in Geophysics Class.
This student was able to completely prove flat earth in Geophysics class much to the awe others. Take a look at the video. Please drop your comment and suggestions, subscribe and share if you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching.

8 novembre 2017

Giant trees there lived before the Flood

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING!!! This will totally change your thinking about our earth and how you see it. We have seen mesas, buttes, and jagged rock mountains, but we have never truly SEEN them for what they are! Even if you are a Flat Earther, this is going to blow your mind! The pictures speak for themselves, but I highly recommend watching the video link below. It is fantastic and explains why these large rock structures are not lava formations, but are something much different than we’ve been told. 

Here is the video that recently came out and is rocking the Flat Earth community.

There are No Forests on Flat Earth Wake up

 Many assumptions have been made about how trees could have been this large and where they went. This is a view of these giant tree stumps from a Biblical perspective. 
The evidence pointing to these large buttes and mountains being giant petrified tree stumps is astounding. Not only do they look just like tree stumps, but they exhibit characteristics only found in biological organisms and trees. It’s possible these ancient trees were made from silicone and were nearly as hard as stone. 

 These giant trees point to the validity of the Bible and a VERY different world before the Biblical flood occurred. We know so little about the antediluvian world before the flood, but there is much evidence that it had a much different atmosphere and vastly different landscape then what we see today.  It is also interesting to note that giant human skeletons have also been found around the world, pointing to a time in earth’s history when everything was much larger! God created the people at a much higher stature than we are today. We’ve shrunk because of drastic environmental changes due to the worldwide flood. Not only were the people naturally tall, they were highly advanced in technology and intellect. (Note on the Nephilim: The people were naturally much taller than us when God made them, so when the Bible talks about Giants, it’s referring to people, or Nephilim, who were even taller than the regular humans alive at that time.)

An enclosed hyperbaric atmosphere before the flood that was enhanced with carbon dioxide and oxygen would have provided for trees, plants, animals and people to grow VERY large, much larger than anything we see today. Hyperbaric chambers with increased oxygen and CO2 have been successful in growing huge vegetable plants today.

Atmospheric Experiments-Genesis Park

Hyperbaric Biosphere

The enormous trees were also what helped to create this oxygen rich atmosphere inside the closed flat earth dome. God created a very lush, beautiful world with a variety of large plant life. But these trees didn’t GROW to this height. When God created the world, everything, people, plants, trees, animals, and the earth itself, was created with the appearance of age. God created Adam and Eve in their mature, adult state. These large trees were created in their fully mature state on the day they were created. This destroys the theory that the earth is millions of years old. Our earth is only about 6,000 years old. 

Genesis 1:11-13 says, “Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the third day.”

Very large trees are also described in the Bible in Ezekiel 31 and in Daniel 4.

The flood that God sent to destroy the earth and it’s wickedness was so destructive that it leveled trees and completely changed the earth’s terrain and atmosphere. This is why there are so many deserts and barren places. Evidence for a worldwide flood are everywhere:

Geological Evidences for the Genesis Flood

There are several different kinds of giant petrified tree stumps that you will see. One is the flat-topped Mesa, butte, or plateau that was a tree that was clearly chopped down. 

Another type of petrified tree stump is jagged and splintered apart, the result of either the tree falling or being knocked over violently by a strong force, such as a flood. 

The other type is a tall stump that is rounded or uneven on top which is the result of flood waters tearing off the top of the tree. 

After the flood the atmosphere and terrain was very different giving way to much smaller tree growth and barren lands and numerous deserts. Scientists have explained plateaus away to some volcanic miracle. But if you look close at the evidence you will see that these are indeed very large tree stumps. They are everywhere!

The video also discusses massive mining areas and huge quarries that we now call canyons and deserts. Ancient mining and quarries before the flood could have been because of their extreme greed and wickedness. They could have been mining for minerals and jewels to build their giant mansions. And after the flood they may have mined extensively for large stones and gold to build the pyramids and Empires such as Egypt and Babylon. 

But I believe the flood is responsible for much of the desolation and deserts we see today. 

Why is this important for Flat Earthers? We believe we have been lied to about the shape of the earth  because they are hiding God and the true creation. Now we realize they have been lying about Geology too! They are hiding evidence of creation and the flood. Our flat earth used to be a lush terrarium, a giant greenhouse, but was destroyed by a flood! The Bible again has proven to be true! We are truth seekers and we want to understand our earth because it points us to reality and the truth about who we are and where we come from. 
The Bible’s Truth and Accuracy vs. Satan’s “Global” Deceptions – Flat Earth Science and the Bible

28 maggio 2017

Are deep sea oil rigs giant hoaxes?

oil rig

In chapter 11 of the Genesis, in the Bible, it is written that people started using asphalt instead of stone to pave roads.
Is it really possible to pump oil (if it’s there) from the bottom of the deep sea?
Aaron has lots of out there ideas. It’s prudent to sift through them to find what you think is reasonable. I’m on board with peak oil being fake. The BP oil “spill” was perhaps fake to “prove” to the world that they are pumping much oil.
A very interesting book about what oil and gas are: Thomas Gold: The deep hot biosphere. The myth of fossil fuels. Copernicus Books.
Gold is one of the proponents of abiogenic formation of fossil fuels where oil is produced even deeper down in the ground than they claim the current petroleum is found. The theory of black oil residing very deep below ground would very much work in favor of the current system, industry and exploitation methods as well as ensure high extraction prices as oil still would be a “natural” resource.
The origin of oil seem full of contradictions and the biggest red flag is that we already produce synthetic oils and gasoline. As a rare “natural” resource, however, petroleum can be sold at higher prices and in a much more reliable manner. We might even finance the base material used in petroleum manufacture as it cost money to get rid of plant waste (bio-mass). It seems like a win-win situation.

19 marzo 2017

So, apparently Shaquille O’Neal is a flat-Earther, too

Shaquille O'Neal flat earth

I’m sorry to break it to you, but Shaquille O’Neal is apparently a flat-Earther, too. Actually, I’m not sorry at all. I love this NBA narrative so, so much, and I’d like to thank Shaq for breathing more life into it.
Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving was the first NBA player to reveal his flat-Earth beliefs, summarized as such: “Can you really think of us rotating around the sun, and all planets align, rotating in specific dates, being perpendicular with what’s going on with these ‘planets’ and stuff like this?”
Soon afterwards, Denver Nuggets wing Wilson Chandler and Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green endorsed Irving’s flat-Earth theory, with the latter explaining away NASA’s photos of the planet from space by suggesting everyone can manipulate doctored photos of the globe on their phones.
The NBA storyline became so outrageous commissioner Adam Silver had to address it in his annual state-of-the-league address at the All-Star Game, clarifying, “I believe the world is round,” and suggesting Irving was making some broader social commentary about fake news in this country. Which, no he wasn’t. Irving doubled down on his flat-Earth theory this past week, before detailing his lucid dreaming skills and informing us how an ex-teammate came to him in a dream to say goodbye.
These are all very real things that NBA players have said.
This is one wild theme to the 2016-17 NBA season, and Shaq just made it wilder when asked about Irving’s flat-Earth theory on his podcast. This was his response, through a series of interruptions: ( )

22 febbraio 2017

Was Gregory Jarvis the only victim of Challenger disaster?

Greg Jarvis
We know that all the crew members of the ill-fated expedition of 28 January 1986 have been found alive and well. All keep their names. Minus one: Gregory Bruce Jarvis. He was an engineer and mission specialist for STS-51L which exploded 73 seconds after liftoff from Cape Canaveral.
You can assume that he has not been subsequently identified having changed his name.
It is also possible that Jarvis is truly died in the explosion as he was really on board as a space shuttle pilot who, instead of reach the orbit, would have landed at a secret base in the desert. Probably Area 51 in Nevada or other facilities located in uninhabited areas. Jarvis was, indeed, a talented military pilot and on behalf of Hughes Aircraft was embarked on the Shuttle Challenger. is reported the testimony of an officer in charge of drawing up the user manual of the first space shuttle Enterprise named, that the space shuttle had a spartan cockpit with only one seat. Nothing else. It may be objected that the Enterprise was designed for testing and never intended to fly in space. However, it can be assumed that all the shuttles had on board the only pilot in charge of taking off vertically in front of media before landing in secret like a regular airplane. Some say that shuttle went destroyed each time sinking into the ocean. More feasible, in my opinion, it was reused being huge the cost of producing an adequate copy of the orbiter for every launch.
The Jarvis body was the last of the seven to be recovered, three months after the disaster. Maybe because it was the only one to be truly disappeared. In the beginning, NASA stated that all the bodies were together (being restrained by the seat belt) in the cabin … but during recovery operations, Jarvis body was lost again on the seabed.
Then Greg was found and his remains brought to surface on April 25, 1986.
Curious that his father required from NASA that his son’s body was recovered, unlike the relatives of other crew members.
What makes you suspect?

18 febbraio 2017

‘Flat Earth’ Message Apparently Behind Hillside Graffiti

Los Angeles Flat Earth Message hillside

RIVERSIDE ( — The hills of Riverside are apparently speaking to us – albeit with a strange message.
The words “Google Flat Earth” were found carved into Mount Rubidoux this week in letters that were approximately ten feet tall and visible from the air.
An aerial photo posted to social media by the Riverside Police Department’s air support unit showed only the “Google” portion of the message was still discernible as of Feb. 4.While the Riverside Parks Department brought in crews from a CAL FIRE camp in Norco to re-seed the area so the grass can grow and cover up the letters, a man believed to be behind the message reportedly encountered a city employee at the location Monday.
He was wearing an orange construction-style vest and carrying a shovel and pick, city parks director Adolfo Cruz told the Press-Enterprise.
“The gentleman was telling the staff member that we live on a flat earth,” the report quoted Cruz as saying.
Investigators have identified the suspect, but it wasn’t clear whether he would face any charges.
Riverside police aren’t saying exactly what the message means, but it could refer to an increasingly popularand thoroughly discredited – theory that the Earth is in fact flat, not spherical, in shape. ( )

27 novembre 2016

Distance to Sun, Moon and planets on a flat earth

If the earth is flat and a non-moving plane, then all the rest revolves around our planet. If that is the case then all distances concerning the universe, the Sun, Moon and planets are completely wrong. It would actually mean that we are in the centre of our universe, making us people very important. So what is triangular based calculation and how can it calculate the distance to the Sun, Moon and planets.

Triangular time-based distance calculation

For all the planets the Sun and Moon the rise and set time are all very well known. In the used source (1) you can check for yourself the rise and set-times for the planets and source (2) for the Sun and Moon. If you see the sun from two places on the earth under a certain angle with a certain distance between these places, you can calculate the height hc to the object. For instance for the Sun:
Data on Bangkok (Thailand)

  • rise-time Bangkok = 6:18 = 6,30;
  • set-time Bangkok = 17:47 = 17,783;
  • time = 14,00;
  • length of daylight = 17,783-6,30 = 11,483;
  • halve daylight time till 90 degree = 11,483/2 = 5,741;
  • how much time is passed = 14,00-6,30 = 7,70;
  • time passed 90 degree = 7,70-5,741 = 1,959;
  • time still to go till set = 5,741-1,959 = 3,782;
  • angle (time based) = tan-1(3,782/1,959) = 62,63 degree
Data on Sanaa (Yemen)
  • rise-time Sanaa = 6:05 = 6,083;
  • set-time Sanaa = 17:30 = 17,50;
  • time = 10,00;
  • length of daylight = 17,50-6,083 = 11,417;
  • halve daylight time till 90 degree = 11,417/2 = 5,709;
  • how much time is passed = 10,00-6,083 = 3,917;
  • time till 90 degree = 5,709-3,917 = 1,792;
  • angle (time based) = tan-1(3,917/1,791) = 65,42 degree.
If a and b are those angles at the same time in Bangkok and Sanaa with a distance between them of 6053 km (C) then all other dimensions can be calculated as follows:
  • c = angle at the sun = 180-62,63-65,42 = 51,95 degree;
  • B = 6053 / sin(51,95) * sin(62,63) = 6826 km;
  • A = 6053 / sin(51,95) * sin(65,42) = 6990 km;
  • hc = distance to the sun = 6990 * sin(62,63) = 6207 km;
  • hc = 6826 * sin(65,42) = 6207 km.

Distance Moon and planets

Based on this type of calculations, I repeated it for the Moon and planets. With this method I have the following surprising results:
  • Mercury = 3937 km;
  • Moon = 4851 km;
  • Venus = 5239 km;
  • Saturn = 5714 km;
  • Mars = 6010 km;
  • Jupiter = 6014 km;
  • Sun = 6207 km;
  • Uranus = 6737 km;
  • Neptune = 6982 km.
If we live on a flat earth then these object can turn independent of each-other as there is distance between them. These distances can also explain how the moon can go in-front of the sun (as it is on a lower plane) resulting in eclipses on a flat earth.

Van Allen Belt

Coincidentally if these distances are correct, it would place them almost completely in the First Van Allen Radiation Belt (3) which is located form 1000-6000 km. Maybe there is something wrong with forgoing calculation and should it actually be within the Van Allen Belt, or maybe this Belt actually is larger. Only the order of magnitude of the distance to these object seems to be correct and coincides with the Belt.

Size Sun and Moon

If the radius of the Sun and Moon actually is dependend on the height, then based on the known supposedly fake radius then the corrected radius would now be:
  • radius Sun = 695700*6207/149.600.000 = 28,8 km;
  • radius Moon = 1737*4851/384.400 = 21,9 km.
As 2*tan-1(28,8/6207) = 0,53 degree and 2*tan-1(21,9/4851) = 0,51 degree it is visible for the naked eye and would appear/ look like the same size.
(1) used data of 15 november 2016 for the planets
(2) used data of 1 november 2016 for Sun and Moon

( )

22 novembre 2016

SCIENTISM EXPOSED (Full Documentary) Robbie Davidson

What if there has been an agenda to keep people from the Truth of God? What if everything modern day science has taught you about your origins is wrong? Make no mistake; the very foundation of all of mankind’s “knowledge” depends on what is believed to be the Truth about the Origin of all that exists. “Scientism Exposed – HD” is the long-awaited documentary film uncovering the spiritual agenda and deception with the scientific worldview that many teach today as proven truth and fact. Do you believe in billions or do you believe in the Bible?
To purchase the DVD, learn more about the film or get the latest news go to:

20 novembre 2016

FLAT EARTH. The real name of the world

The best flat earth documentary ever made. A video by Tommix.

4 ottobre 2016

The Flat-out Truth: Earth Orbits? Moon Landings? A Fraud! Says This Prophet

The idea of a spinning globe is only a conspiracy of error that Moses, Columbus, and FDR all fought… (Copyright 1980 Robert J. Schadewald)
Reprinted from Science Digest, July 1980
“The facts are simple,” says Charles K. Johnson, president of the International Flat Earth Research Society. “The earth is flat.”
As you stand in his front yard, it is hard to argue the point. From among the Joshua trees, creosote bushes, and tumbleweeds surrounding his southern California hillside home, you have a spectacular view of the Mojave Desert. It looks as flat as a pool table. Nearly 20 miles to the west lies the small city of Lancaster; you can see right over it. Beyond Lancaster, 20 more miles as the cueball rolls, the Tehachepi Mountains rise up from the desert floor. Los Angeles is not far to the south.
Near Lancaster, you see the Rockwell International plant where the Space Shuttle was built. To the north, beyond the next hill, lies Edwards Air Force Base, where the Shuttle was tested. There, also, the Shuttle will land when it returns from orbiting the earth. (At least, that’s NASA’s story.)
“You can’t orbit a flat earth,” says Mr. Johnson. “The Space Shuttle is a joke—and a very ludicrous joke.”
His soft voice carries conviction, for Charles Johnson is on the level. He believes that the main purpose of the space program is to prop up a dying myth—the myth that the earth is a globe.
“Nobody knows anything about the true shape of the world,” he contends. “The known, inhabited world is flat. Just as a guess, I’d say that the dome of heaven is about 4,000 miles away, and the stars are about as far as San Francisco is from Boston.”
As shown in a map published by Johnson, the known world is as circular and as flat as a phonograph record. The North Pole is at the center. At the outer edge lies the southern ice, reputed to be a wall 150 feet high; no one has ever crossed it, and therefore what lies beyond is unknown.
The sun and moon, in the Johnson version, are only about 32 miles in diameter. They circle above the earth in the vicinity of the equator, and their apparent rising and setting are tricks of perspective, like railroad tracks that appear to meet in the distance. The moon shines by its own light and is not eclipsed by the earth. Rather, lunar eclipses are caused by an unseen dark body occasionally passing in front of the moon.
Johnson’s beliefs are firmly grounded in the Bible. Many verses of the Old Testament imply that the earth is flat, but there’s more to it than that. According to the New Testament, Jesus ascended up into heaven.
“The whole point of the Copernican theory is to get rid of Jesus by saying there is no up and no down,” declares Johnson. “The spinning ball thing just makes the whole Bible a big joke.”
Not the Bible but Johnson’s own common sense allowed him to see through the globe myth while he was still in grade school. He contends that sensible people all over the world, not just Bible believers, realize that the earth really is flat.
“Wherever you find people with a great reservoir of common sense,” he says, “they don’t believe idiotic things such as the earth spinning around the sun. Reasonable, intelligent people have always recognized that the earth is flat.”
<span “>He pauses for a sip of coffee, his eyes sparkling with animation. At 56, Charles Johnson is a bearded, distinguished-looking man who drinks coffee seemingly by the gallon. He chain-smokes, hand-rolling cigarettes so skillfully that they seem factory made. Unlike the stereotypical prophet, he has a wry sense of humor and a booming laugh. Fond of plays on words, he consistently pronounces Nicolaus Koppernigk’s Latinized surname as “co-pernicious.”
The Flat Earth Society’s presidency descended upon Charles Johnson in accord with the last wishes of its founder, Samuel Shenton, an Englishman who died in 1971. The society, which will round out a quarter-century next year, is a spiritual inheritor of the Universal Zetetic Society, which flourished in England in the last century.

The cosmos of the Zetetics.Picture © 1992 by Robert Schadewald.Under Johnson’s full-time presidency, the society’s paid-up membership has grown from a few persons to a few hundred. Membership is open to anyone who is regarded as sincerely seeking the truth; prospective members must sign a statement agreeing never to defame the society. Part of the $10 annual dues pays for a subscription to the Flat Earth News, a marvelously outspoken four-page tabloid quarterly with an editorial style reminiscent of 19th-century rural journalism.
Johnson’s office is barely controlled chaos. Books, papers, and files are everywhere; his desk is covered with correspondence. The flow of letters, still increasing, now runs around 2,000 a year, or a half-dozen every day. Some are properly addressed (Box 2533, Lancaster, CA 93534), but he receives any mail that reaches Lancaster with “flat-earth” on it. And such letters sometimes come from the far edges of the world (an expression which Johnson and his membership accept quite literally). Rummaging in a box on the floor, Johnson produces inquiries from Saudi Arabia, Iran, India.
“Everybody who writes gets an answer,” he reports. “An application or whatever is called for. We serve our purpose in keeping it alive. Whosoever asks, receives.” The “we” includes his wife, Marjory, who is a native of Australia. The Johnsons met by chance in 1959, when they both went into a San Francisco store to buy the same record, Acker Bilk’s haunting “Stranger on the Shore.” They discovered that they had more in common than their tastes in music. They’re both vegetarians, for one thing, but the overriding interest is geography
“Marjory has always known that the earth is flat, too,” says Charles Johnson. “As far as she knew, everybody in Australia knew it. She was rather shocked when she arrived here and found people speaking of Australia as being ‘down under.’ It really offended her. She would get in quite heated arguments with people who seemed to accuse her of coming from down under the world.” Ultimately, Marjory Johnson swore in an affidavit that she had never hung by her feet in Australia.
As secretary of the Flat Earth Society, she assists in running it, and writes a regular column in the News. She has also helped her husband perform experiments to determine the earth’s shape. If it is a sphere, the surface of a large body of water must be curved. The Johnsons have checked the surfaces of Lake Tahoe and the Salton Sea (a shallow salt lake in southern California near the Mexican border) without detecting any curvature.
Their home is a half-mile from the nearest neighbor. Friends drop by now and then, but their primary companions are a half-dozen dogs, several cats, a flock of chickens, and a myriad of sparrows roosting in a Joshua tree just outside the door. No electric-power line runs to the house, for which water must be carried up the hill. The physical isolation is the ultimate in privacy—but another kind of isolation proves to be less desirable.
“We’re two witnesses against the whole world,” observes Charles Johnson. “We’ve chosen that path, but it isolates us from everyone. We’re not complaining; it has to be. But it does kind of get to you sometimes.”
In spite of the loneliness and the frustrations, they press on. Charles Johnson claims that most of the people who shaped our modern world were flat-earthers, and some of them didn’t have it easy, either.
You weren’t aware that flat-earthers have played an important part in history? Well, conventional histories don’t make that clear. But inasmuch as revisionist history is in vogue, Charles Johnson should be recognized as one of the leading practitioners.
“Moses was a flat-earther,” he reveals. “The Flat Earth Society was founded in 1492 B.C., when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt and gave them the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai.”
Conventional biblical chronology dates the Ten Commandments to 1491 B.C., but it may be imprecise. Perhaps Johnson prefers 1492 for the symmetry. It was, after all, in 1492 A.D. that another famous flat-earther made history.
Have you heard the story about Columbus’s problems with his crew? As some tell it, the crew nearly mutinied because they regarded the earth as flat, and feared they might sail off its edge.
“It was exactly the reverse,” explains Johnson. “There was a dispute out on the ship, but it was because Columbus was a flat-earther. The others believed the earth to be a ball, and they just knew that they were falling over the edge and couldn’t get back. Columbus had to put them in irons and beat them until he convinced them they weren’t going over any curve, and they could return. He finally calmed them down.”
Johnson believes that the ball business—though it goes back to the Greek philosophers—really got rolling after the Protestant Reformation.
“It’s the Church of England that’s taught that the world is a ball,” he argues. “George Washington, on the other hand, was a flat-earther. He broke with England to get away from those superstitions.” If Johnson is right, the American Revolution failed. No prominent American politician is known to have publicly endorsed the flat-earth theory in the past two centuries. Nevertheless, Johnson contends that this nearly happened right after World War II, not for the U.S. alone, but for the entire world. Consider the United Nations:
“Uncle Joe (Stalin), Churchill, and Roosevelt laid the master plan to bring in the New Age under the United Nations,” Johnson discloses with confidence. “The world ruling power was to be right here in this country. After the war, the world would be declared flat and Roosevelt would be elected first president of the world. When the UN Charter was drafted in San Francisco, they took the flat-earth map as their symbol.”
Why declare the world flat? Johnson responds that a prophesied condition for world government (Isaiah 60:20) is that the “sun shall no more go down.” This could be fulfilled by admitting that sunrise and sunset are optical illusions. The UN did adopt for its official seal a world map identical with the one on Johnson’s office wall. But Franklin Roosevelt died coincident with the UN’s birth, and the other imminent events described by Johnson never came about.
What did happen, according to conventional historians, was that Russia and the U.S. began space programs. After the Russians sent up Sputnik in 1957, the space race was on in earnest. The high point came in 1969, when the U.S. landed men on the moon.
That, according to Johnson, is nonsense, because the moon landings were faked by Hollywood studios. He even names the man who wrote the scripts: the science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. But he acknowledges that the moon landings were at least partly successful.
“Until then,” he says, “almost no one seriously considered the world a ball. The landings converted a few of them, but many are coming back now and getting off of it.”
Perhaps the Space Shuttle is intended to bolster the beliefs of these backsliders. Whatever its purpose, Johnson is convinced that it is not intended to actually fly. Because it was built and tested almost in his back yard, he knows many people who worked on it. What they’ve told him about some aspects of its construction only reinforces his convictions.
“They moved it across the field,” he sneers, “and it almost fell apart. All those little side pieces are on with epoxy, and half fell off!”
The Shuttle had other problems besides heat resistant tiles that wouldn’t stick. For instance, when the testers tried to mount it on a 747 for its first piggy-back test flight, it wouldn’t fit.
“Can you imagine that?” chortles Johnson. “Millions of dollars they spent, and it wouldn’t fit! They had to call in a handyman to drill some new holes to make the thing fit. Then they took it up in the air—and some more of it fell to pieces.”
If the Shuttle ever does orbit on its own, it’s supposed to return to Edwards Air Force Base. To Johnson, that’s appropriate enough.
“Do you know what they’re doing at Edwards right now?” he asks. “‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’ is made right where they claim they’re going to land the Shuttle. Edwards is strictly a science-fiction base now.
“Buck is a much better science program, considerably more authentic. In fact, I recommend that the government get out of the space business and turn the whole thing over to ABC, CBS, and NBC. The tv networks do a far superior job. They could actually pay the government for rights, and it wouldn’t cost the taxpayers a penny.”
Flat Earth Society members are working actively to bring the Shuttle charade to an end. They hope to force the government to let the public in on what the power elite has known all along: the plane truth.
“When the United States declares the earth is flat,” says Charles Johnson, “and we hope to be instrumental in making it do so, it will be the first nation in all recorded history to be known as a flat-earth nation.
“In the old days, people believed the earth was flat, because it’s logical, but they didn’t have a picture of the way it was, as we have today. Our concept of the world is new.
“Marjory and I are the avant garde. We’re way ahead of the pack.”

— The end —

Postscript: Much has changed since I wrote this article, both in the world at large and in Charles Johnson’s life. In late September 1995, the Johnsons’ venerable high-desert home caught fire. Charles managed to pull Marjory, by then a semi-invalid on supplemental oxygen, to safety, but everything else in the house was destroyed—their personal possessions, the Flat Earth Society library and archives, the membership list, everything. Having no fire insurance, the Johnsons were unable to rebuild. A dilapidated old house trailer, bought as a storage shed, survived the fire, and they took refuge there. A few months later, Marjory fell and broke a hip. She survived hip replacement surgery but never recovered her strength. On May 16, 1996, she died.
The Flat Earth Society lives on, still doing business at Box 2533, Lancaster, CA 93534. Charles Johnson has immersed himself in rebuilding the membership roster. Publication of the Flat Earth News, in hiatus since 1994, will resume with the December 1996 issue.

R.J.S. (10/6/96)

Postscript: Bob Schadewald, author of this essay, died March 12, 2000 at age 57. Charles Johnson died March 19, 2001 at age 76. For nearly 30 years Charles fought the lonely and futile battle to “restore the world to sanity.”
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12 settembre 2016

Shocking video footage of earth from high altitude proves the Earth is flat

Watch this video and be the judge. Group of scientist decided to prove the earth is flat and had to launched a Rocket into high altitude and the result is astonishing. We have been lied to about our world in which we live. This Footage without a shadow of a doubt proves the earth is flat.

27 luglio 2016

Moon gets smaller and bigger over the Flat Earth

Collection of time lapse videos showing how actually the Moon gets smaller on setting and bigger on rising. This observation complies with a cosmology in which Moon and Sun are circling the North Pole at constant distance from Earth’s surface. In the last time lapse, please note how the reflection on the sea water dramatically shrinks.

14 giugno 2016

Flat Earth invades Mainstream TV Hillary Clinton, The View, B.O.B., Obama talk FE, Dome & Firmament

Watch several celebrities discussing the flat earth dome, firmament on mainstream television!

6 aprile 2016

Proof we live on a flat Plane not a Globe

So I have taken a picture that I think definitively proves we don’t live on a globe. We live on a flat plane not a round planet. The tower in the picture proves that the mountain is not dropping over a curve at 127 miles. The top of the mountain should drop below the level of the tower in the picture according to the math of a globe earth but that is not what I observed. Please share this video with everyone so that people can see the actual proof we live on a plane. I am not spreading this for money being paid to me by youtube by getting as many views as I can. That has nothing to do with it. I haven’t made anything on my videos as of yet anyway. I just want to spread truth. I am sick of being lied to and think we need to spread the truth to all. The truth shall set you free!

29 marzo 2016

Flat Earth Answers

Flat Earth Answers: one of the best known documentaries about the Flat Earth Theory.

18 febbraio 2016

Frequency of the Heavens: real appearance and vibrations of the stars

Actual footage of the stars and planets (wandering stars) above our heads each night. This video is of actual footage of stars mixed with Cymatics, Sonoluminescence, Bioluminescence, Harmonic Resonance of water, Light, the electromagnetic firmament and the waters above.

A special thanks to: Cary Stephens CEE DEE YouTube channel Bradley Bourgeois
Cymatic Music Sightings western channel: Alicia5 channel Supermushmuse.


16 febbraio 2016

NASA’S Greatest Space Hoaxes 1956 – 2015

NASA lies hoax

Welcome! This article of mine about human and other, not so funny, space travel jokes and hoaxes, incl. the US Nationax Aeronautix and Spax Administratiox, NASA, billion dollars ones, is split up into 6 parts and many chapters for easy references and will take some time to study. Hope you will enjoy it. Most of it is quite hilarious – noise to prevent you to think clearly. Imagine how easy events can be staged in space! Or actually on Earth. By Hollywood.
Example: Elon Musk/Space X sends (December 2015) up an empty rocket in space, where it disappears behind the clouds (as seen on TV), and then Elon Musk/Space X can invent anything about it, e.g. it delivered some satellites in space, while the first stage of the rocket returned and landed again … as seen on TV. Hollywood will produce the footage of it. Elon Musk‘sSpaceX has already (November 2015) won a $2.6bn contract with NASA to send humans and supplies more than 40 times to the fake International Space Station, IFS, so the latter show was just to confirm the earlier on. More about the SpaceX hoaxes below.
The NASA web masters keep 100’s of propagandists busy to keep the NASA web site glittering. Media will then spread the NASA messages, e.g. that humans are up in space. If you query it asking for details or evidence, NASA will never reply or … just refer to the glittery web site, indicating all there is real. But … no human beings have ever been in space incl. ISS. You cannot come back alive! Re-entry is not possible. (

20 gennaio 2016

Lori Frary is NOT Kerry Cassidy

Tra un po’ parte un live dal canale Youtube Flat Earth Conspiracy in cui, presumo, Lori Frary dirà di non essere Kerry Cassidy. La querelle è probabilmente sorta da un mio breve post del mese scorso in cui affrontavo l’argomento. Il post è stato ripreso da alcuni canali YT americani (per questo che è in cima alla classifica delle visite oggi).
Sotto, uno dei video che ha fatto partire il tutto, nel commenti del quale ho avuto uno scambio di vedute con Lori Frary in persona:

12 gennaio 2016

Why the Flat Earth movement is so important

There is no measurable curvature to Earth. If this is true, the whole globe model and the system of illusions connected with it falls apart.

28 dicembre 2015

Real rotation of the Sun, horizontal axis

Solar rotational axis is not vertical, it is horizontal pointing at the Earth. Sunspots travel clockwise and not West to East. Get your camera and check yourself!

22 dicembre 2015

The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes

An astounding resume of the Moon and Mars Hoax theory by Eric Dubay.
Earth is not a spinning ball and nobody has ever landed on the Moon, Mars or even gone into “outer-space.” NASA steals billions of taxpayer dollars and gives us back nothing but Hollywood Science-Fiction movies and bold-faced lies.  Many prominent figures of the Apollo conspiracy movement are quoted including David Percy, Marcus Allen, Ralph Renè and Bill Kaysing.

22 dicembre 2015

The planes help to prove the plane

The planes can help to prove the plane…especially the planes flying from the southern hemisphere. I spent a day trying to travel from continent to continent and found out just how ridiculous the routes look on the Google map only to find the answers when mapping them on the flat earth map. The Southern hemisphere appears to be way bigger than the Northern. Here are a few planes that help prove the plane.